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POSTGAME: For those wondering, no we won’t be doing every game in reverse-text until they lose again. This was a one time slump busting move. Though I do expect the Tigers socks to remain high for the time being.

The Tigers seemed to have rubbed off some on the D-backs. It was Arizona biffing a bunt and then Orlando Hudson having the brain fart and not running to first while the Pudge Rodrgiuez made the heads up play to turn 2. It was Connor Jackson letting a routine dribbler extend an inning leading to the Tigers first runs. It was Arizona pitching walking 6 batters. It was Arizona hitters failing to deliver with runners in scoring position and hitting into double plays.

Okay, the Tigers still did most of that stuff too. They walked 6. Ryan Raburn dropped a double play throw. It appeared there was another pop-out that went uncalled. The Tigers still struggled with RISP. But a win is a win. And there was stuff to be encouraged about. Miguel Cabrera continued to hit the ball hard. Curtis Granderson managed a couple hits. And Matt Joyce looks completely unfazed despite hitting 4 homers in 10 games.

Armando Galarraga could probably be described as effectively wild last night. He wasn’t particularly sharp in issuing 5 walks, but he did only allow 1 hit. It was the 4th quality start in the last 5 games for Tigers starters who appear to be turning things around as a group.

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  1. “Am I mad, eh?” Giselle sighed, “Am I, Ma?”

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  2. if they send galaragga down to the minors i would say they are trying to improve their draft position because nothing else makes sense.

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  6. Alright we won, I’m done with backwards. Joyce has to stay in LF. HIGH SOCKS RULE!!

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  8. Seriously. It would be criminal to take Armando out of the rotation. Yet with our five contracted starters, it’s probably going to happen.

    What’s a possible solution? Nate to long relief?

  9. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but Galarraga did not look particularly good to me. His command all night was spotty.

  10. The backwards is tough. It did work though. I will talk to you all tomorrow. I could be a little late, (beach with wife) but I will be here with high socks and sdrawkcab talk, if necessary. Peace.

  11. so, i was only half-watching. did jones have the high socks when he was pitching? i saw after the game they pulled his socks down and pants legs up…

    i think everyone else on the field did have the high-socks look going. i despise the normal ordenez/guillen/etc look. hopefully, this stupid superstition carries on.

  12. For those wondering, no we won’t be doing every game in reverse-text until they lose again. This was a one time slump busting move.

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  13. noitulover skcos hgih (high socks revolution)

    I’m on a “baseball break” but of course it was on at the bar last night, as much as I tried to avoid watching it. It was great to see a signal of team camaraderie (the socks) and also being a fan of high socks I hope the stay around the whole time. Except for Renteria, who could do with some actual high socks, and Todd Jones who should never expose skin like that again.

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