Tigers reduced to MLB pity highlights

So MLB.com integrated video highlights with their popular Gameday tracker this year. The thing is, the Tigers have been short on highlights this year. Today MLB.com decided to throw the Tigers a bone.

That little blue arrow denotes that you can see Gary Sheffield’s end of the bat bloop that eluded a heavily shifted Dustin Pedroia. The result was that the Tigers got a runner all the way to third second who would later advance to 3rd after a Miguel Cabrera walk. That of course and sadly would be the farthest that the Tiger would advance a runner on this day.

They later showed Pudge flying out deep to center field in the 9th inning, but I think that was more of a Coco Crisp highlight. Given the Tigers recent offense though it’s debatable.

12 thoughts on “Tigers reduced to MLB pity highlights”

  1. Thank you! I really needed a laugh, and the title and image combination accomplished that.

    It would have been more appropriate for Sheffield to be thrown out, considering this week’s team performance. Nevertheless, it reminded me of Sean Casey and his equal inability to “run it out” when losing sight of the ball.

  2. I have lay a lot of the responsibility on this lack of production at Leyland’s feet. I know he isn’t making all these outs, errors and bad pitches, but he as Manager, had to in preperation for the season get this team ready to play. He needed to get these guys ready to deal with the expectations. So far I would say he hasn’t done his job. I will also make this observation, He looked shell shocked in the dugout today. He above all doesn’t seem prepared. I see no chemistry so far.

    I also think the whole Guillen to 1st is proving a disaster thus far. He is out of position on every play. Didn’t anyone see this during spring training?

  3. Haha, nice find Bill.

    Quick question: Are you finding the velocity readings to be off a bit on the gameday?

  4. I’m a big Gameday fan, it’s the only way I can “watch” at work and the new video highlight feature is a great upgrade this year. I even find myself turning it on at home while I’m watching on TV to get a read on the pitch selection and velocities. It’s a fun application.

    The video highlights for the Tigers have been pretty slim every game so far, this one was really funny!

  5. In keeping with the “lowlights” theme . . .

    On tigers.com, where there is the automatic video that starts playing when the page is loaded and usually shows the top 2 previous “highlights” from the game before — is still showing the Ramon Santiago failed triple attempt from Sunday night. How’s that for slim pickings!

  6. I also think that the Sheffield single was more of a Pedroia highlight — he almost threw Sheffield out from the outfield.

  7. And on the replay, it seemed to me that Sheffield was out at first. So now even the UMPs are giving the Tigers some pity calls.

  8. I randomly found this entry when I was searching MLB gameday highlights on Google and just had to laugh. I work on the front lines at mlb.com and some of us find ourselves struggling to produce highlights for some games. We are under instructions to get anywhere from 4-8 offensive or defensive highlights per team each game. With the Tigers playing like they have been this season, it can be a challenge to get some good “highlight” plays. But still, it’s funny that this person picked a single, because generally if it is a slow game, after the 5th inning, we are supposed to mark any extra base hit, not singles.

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