Game 11: Tigers at White Sox

PREGAME: You know, after that 0-7 start the Tigers have been playing .667 ball. I’m just sayin’. They’ll try to improve that to .750 ball this afternoon with Justin Verlander taking on Gavin Floyd.

The Tigers can’t seem to hit Floyd at all so something needs to change. Floyd held them to 3 runs (all driven in by Brandon Inge) when he faced them on Saturday.

Verlander struggled in his last start, but wasn’t helped by poor infield defense. Including Carlos Guillen dropping a Miguel Cabrera throw. That won’t happen today because Guillen is out of the lineup due to the hammy he tweaked last night.

Your lineup courtesy of Jason Beck:

1. Thomas, CF
2. Polanco, 2B
3. Sheffield, DH
4. Ordonez, RF
5. Cabrera, 1B
6. Jones, LF
7. Renteria, SS
8. Rodriguez, C
9. Inge, 3B

Game Time 1:05

DET @ CHW, Saturday, April 12, 2008 Game Preview –

156 thoughts on “Game 11: Tigers at White Sox”

  1. I would have liked to see Leyland rest Cabrera today, too. That hamstring didn’t look too good last night. Play Thames at first.

  2. walt if he keeps producing for sure. if they are even results, keep the vet for a bench presence.

    also: so close for maggs!

  3. I don’t see how they could send Clete down. It’s not just that he’s producing, it’s that he’s doing it with such composure for a kid coming straight from AA ball.

  4. That is what I am always afraid of with this lineup, Floyd walks two gus back to back and polanco swings at the first pitch. Not smart.

  5. Guillen being out may actually be very good for our pitching staff. No more meltdowns due to Guillen’s Defense, and Verlander should be able to pitch deeper into the game w/o Carlos giving the opponent additional outs.

    His bat will be missed.

  6. Nice grab by Jones. I wonder if Swisher knows about that thing growing on his chin.


  7. Jeez! I wish Polanco could have made that a better AB at the very least. If we are not going to score when the opportunity arises, at the very least we need to get the opponent pitcher’s pitch count up. Grounding into a DP on the first pitch is the worst thing a hitter could do.

  8. Was Maggs safe at first on that DP? I didn’t get a good angle, but it sure looked like he was through the base when the ball got there.

  9. These DPs are killing us. Floyd is not that sharp today yet the Tiger’s heart of the order has simply helped him out by NOT working up the pitch count and hitting into DPs.

  10. Not to be a jerk, but would anyone on this board mind if Pierzynski blew out his knee or something?

  11. I thought so too, but I didn’t see a good replay. Short answer is: he was called out, so he’s out.

    Nice turn. Too bad it wasn’t in time.

  12. i thought he was safe too, but maybe they are trying to make up for some bad calls yesterday…

  13. They have to be on an all time record setting pace for dp’s, no?

    Maybe they should get some H & R’s going, and/or have the hitters change their approach.

  14. So help me, if Gavin Floyd no-hits us (and I have to listen to Hawk and DJ call it) I am going to absolutely flip out.

    How does this guy consistently dominate us and get shelled by the rest of the league?

  15. What time did this game start? I turned on the TV (Comcast out of Chicago) at 1 PM Central time and the game is in the 6th already? WTF?!?!

  16. This is why Polanco’s horrible DP on the 1st pitch is so costly. Gavin Floyd is getting into trouble by walking batters. Under such situations if, at the very worst, Polonco and Sheffield make Floyd work at ending the inning, his pitch count goes up and we can see a reliever sooner. Floyd’s mastery over the Tigers is limited to 6 innings. But instead, his pitch count remains low, he finds his groove in the middle innings and he’ll likely go into the eighth.

    He might even get a no-hitter.

  17. Quote

    This is why Polanco’s horrible DP on the 1st pitch is so costly. Gavin Floyd is getting into trouble by walking batters. Under such situations if, at the very worst, Polonco and Sheffield make Floyd work at ending the inning, his pitch count goes up and we can see a reliever sooner. Floyd’s mastery over the Tigers is limited to 6 innings. But instead, his pitch count remains low, he finds his groove in the middle innings and he’ll likely go into the eighth.

    This type of poor approach at the plate is why the Tigers so often make scrub pitchers look like Sandy Koufax. Its why they don’t score runs, its why they often lose.

  18. Is it possible to jinx a ho hitter?

    Just in case.


  19. I was thinking the same thing walt. can you jinx the opposition? I dont know, but let’s give it a try.

    Floyd is gonna get this no hitter.

  20. Honestly, getting nohit might do them some good, the Brewer bats were in a funk last year, and Verlander’s No hitter woke them up from their sleepwalking at the plate, they went on a tear after that game.

  21. Well…there could be some upside if Floyd gets the no hitter, it might cause Hawk Harrelson’s head to explode, which would be nice.

  22. “Buy a longer shirt, orange hat…”


    Maggs was doing his Thome impression, but at least he didn’t get himself thrown out.

    I would hate to see the team throw away the great effort by Verlander.

  23. “Floyd’s career ERA = 6.24

    Floyd’s ERA vs. Detroit = 3.03 (not counting today)”

    We’ll see him struggle against Cleveland though. You can bet on it…..


  24. Gavin is definitely going to get this no hitter. There is no doubt in my mind. There is just no way that he is going to give up a homer in the next inning. No way in hell.

  25. If there’s any bright side to this game so far, at least Verlander has saved the pen after what happened last night.

  26. Agreed. Definite no-hitter. No doubt. No batting around in the eighth today.

    Verlander so far: 7IP 2H 1ER 3K 3BB 87TP. And in line for the loss. Good times.

  27. Jones is an idiot. In this type of ballgame, when someone throws you 3 straight balls you take the next pitch. Instead he swings at ball 4 and then strikes out. He should be on 3rd base right now with no outs. Unbelievable.

  28. Thank GAWD for that hit. Screw Gavin. Floyd

    Overshadowed here is the terrific job Verlander did. Any chance we can push across acouple runs this inning?

  29. hey hey, i was hoping it would rain harder and they would delay the game and gavin would most likely have to then get pulled once it restarted in 90 mins.

  30. Ken –

    Jones is an idiot. In this type of ballgame, when someone throws you 3 straight balls you take the next pitch. Instead he swings at ball 4 and then strikes out. He should be on 3rd base right now with no outs. Unbelievable.

    Amen, this is the scouting report on some of the hackers in the lineup, we saw that from Pudge and Inge the last 2 months of 2007, we’re seeing it now from Pudge and Jacque. Inge fortunately, has changed his approach. Pudge knows that’s all there is to it, but he just chooses not to. He’d rather ground out than take a walk.

  31. So much for that… bring on Bobby “The Twitch” Jenks. Maybe he won’t be able to find time for throwing the ball between the rain and all his tics.

  32. Was there ever a doubt that Pudge would GIDP?

    ….of course not, we knew it before it happened.

    Its not bad luck, its a bad approach.

  33. Our first great start from a starting pitchers and its going to be wasted…when it rains, it pours.

  34. That was a bone-headed play not to get Konerko at first. Don’t Cabrera and Polanco both hable espanol.

  35. So…it didn’t hit him? Have to listen to the audio, since the is a no-go with Hawk and DJ.

  36. I really don’t think there’s anyone on the planet I hate more than Pierszinski.

    At least the Wings are winning.

  37. Well, that’s it.

    AJ, I’m sure you’re a great guy, but if you tear your knee in that mud today I won’t shed any tears.

  38. We hate Pierzynski even more than we hate Joe Crede, although it’s close.

    JL is kind of doing the Trammell thing where, although there are signs of trouble, he waits until runs are actually scored before pulling the pitcher. But I guess he doesn’t have all that much to work with.

  39. Was it just me, or was leaving JV in after a walk and a HBP at 100 pitches indefensibly bad managing?

  40. Why was Verlander still pitching???

    Where was Seay to face Thome with 2 men on. Where was he again with a run in and the bases loaded to face AJ?

    It’s like Leyland had already conceded that we weren’t going to hit Jenks in the 9th and he wanted to save his bullets for tomorrow. I just don’t get it.

  41. What is that thing on Jenks’ face? We were too busy drowning our sorrows by the end of the other Sox games to notice that.

  42. I think it was actually Lidstrom’s goal. Holmstrom provided a perfect screen but it looked to me like it was a clean shot into the upper corner. In case anyone is interested….

  43. I don’t know, maybe Verlander could have been pulled like…after he walked a guy and hit two guys?


    Oh, I guess you’re smarter than me then.

  44. Mario and Rod not a fan of the facial hair either… also resorting to making fun of the other team… can’t blame them

  45. Of all the things to happen through these first 11 games, the complete disappearance of the Placido Polanco we all know and love–both at the plate and in the field–is the most baffling.

  46. Polanco has been the biggest disappointment to me as well. Correct me if i’m wrong, but he has the lowest avg on the team i think. the entire offense is a disappointment thus far, and i cant wait til granderson gets back.

    As for swisher and jenks, i really hope they got drunk, passed out, and somebody did that to them. F’n morons.

  47. 3 shutouts in 11 games is simply unbelievable for this team. I think that matches last season’s total.

  48. time to face it…we are currently the worst team in baseball.

    i was concerned when the second half of spring training brought an extended losing streak. i was more concerned with the two game set in houston when we pounded a pitcher who no longer has it but were shut down in the second game by one who does. we left the spring season sending down most of the top averages on the club even though none were expected to make the tigers. our best hitters presently are a double AA player and the guy we tried to trade all off season. the manager, the manager, MR hunch…why did bobby seay not come in to face pierzynski?

    if you think this is just going to be a quick turn around and back to winning ball…think again. we are in big trouble. no pen, questionable starting pitching, no regular first baseman and some guys coming off career years who are not showing much life to this point.

    so much promise…?

  49. Maybe we should all offer one non-baseball recommendation as means of putting this in perspective and giving us reason to go on. Keep them apolitical and non-controversial!

    I say you can’t go wrong with Nick Lowe’s new record.

  50. Leyland pulled a Trammel today with leaving JV in wayy too long

    Wheras in Bondos last start he was classic Leyland taking him out after 5 and a bit then complaining the next day when Nate got bombed in the 4th and he had to take him out and complained that guys have to last longer

    If they have to last longer leave them IN LONGER DUMMY

    most of the time what happened today doesnt happen with him its the opposite, but still any idiot (the guy in the hat) could see Verlander was done

    Leyland IMO has already cost this team a few wins

  51. Nothing beats a Caramel Marvel at Beaner’s Biggby Coffee. Yum!

    Note: Just following Stephen’s suggestion to offer one non-baseball recommendation – not spamming.

  52. Same here Andrew and Chris. Although after re-reading my post I get the criticism. Anyway, I don’t live in Detroit anymore, but if I did, the thought of that place opening would make me feel better about things.

  53. Will this team ever get serious this season? I swear, this team is awful. Leyland left Verlander in way too long and the rest of the team looks like they have their heads in the cloud. I hate to say it, but I think this team shouldn’t even be thinking about the playoffs this year, they should thinking about finishing at .500.

  54. Skipped the game today, just couldn’t take it. But I was just watching the Yankees-Red Sox game and Sean Casey turned in a backhanded, off balance putout that will certainly make Webgems tonight. Just saying.
    Have a great evening, all. Go Wings!!

  55. Why shouldn’t Casey join the club? That’s the “first basemen who suck while in Detroit, but play great for their new team” club.

  56. I don’t think Sean Casey “sucked” here. He hit 300. Had a hit almost every time he was pulled off the bench to pinch.

    I mean, not only that, but he was a good fielder.

  57. Well, here’s a bit of good news, hopefully. Raburn is being called up for tomorrow’s game and so is Galarraga.

  58. No Adam, Casey did suck here. He was a lead footed first baseman with no power who hit about .285 with a slugging % of about .385 over 2006 and 2007. Those are fine numbers for a backup catcher, not for a starting AL first baseman.

  59. I still get a kick out of the fact, that 25 plus years after Bill James made an impression that people still pull out the almighty nearly useless batting average stat when making an argument.

  60. “Almighty nearly useless?” Are you attempting to write something in English?

    And are you contesting the assertion that Casey wasn’t very good, or are you just belittling someone else’s comment for kicks. If it’s the former, why don’t you include something more illuminating in your post than a thinly veiled suggestion that another person is ignorant.

  61. I’ll tell you one thing, when your team has a collective .240 BA it normally isn’t good (not assuming they dont hit for power/take walks)



    Grilli gains early confidence
    Leyland impressed by reliever’s recent outing

    “Hopefully that’ll get him going,” Leyland said, “because he’s got too good stuff not to pitch good. Jason Grilli’s got good stuff, no question about it. He’s got too good stuff to not pitch well, and I’m not talking about every single time out. Nobody pitches great every time out, but he gave us a big lift, and he should’ve given himself a big lift.

    “That should be a big plus for him and a nice little step forward to keep the confidence going a little bit. That’s what you’re hoping for. It’s kind of a wait and see.”

    Nobody pitches poorly every time out, that was Grillis one non-poor outing

  63. And here I was thinking during that Thome at bat that if that last pitch had been called ball four, it could have been Grilli’s last pitch in the big leagues. (Because he would have been pulled from the game, released, and not picked up by any other teams.)

    But it’s clear that Leyland has some irrational affection for the guy and there’s probably nothing he can do to get cut.

  64. Casey was good, but just not good enough. Plus, we were paying him millions. He’ll be fine in Boston and everyone will like him just like we did; then he’ll probably pull a muscle in his leg or hurt his back again.

  65. Get rid of Leyland before it’s too late to turn the season around. He’s unable to inspire this team. They’re playing with no heart.

  66. In defense of the Mayor:

    I’m pretty sure I could beat Sean Casey in an arm restle and absolutely sure I could beat him in a straight-on foot race. Yes, his slugging numbers sucked — but that number is slightly skewed by the fact that so many of his singles could have been stretched into doubles, and so many of his doubles could have been stretched into triples — with just a modicum of speed. I’m not even talking Granderson-like speed, just average speed. The result: Good hitter who hits high for average, but whose slugging average sucks. (It also didn’t help that he couldn’t put a few more over the fence).

    But…. he was a consistant hitter, as I recall, and came thru with the one-bagger alot last year, just like we saw in Boston. Sometimes when you have a 1-9 lineup chock-full of bonifide sluggers, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a consistant hitter in the lineup who bats high for average to keep a rally alive every now and then. I would argue it helps the team chemistry. Sluggers tend to be much more streaky that hitters like Casey — if the whole lineup is on and slugging, well then, nobody is gonna beat them and you’d take anyone of those hitters over a powerless-bat like Casey, but we also see what happens when the whole lineup is off. All it would have taken to win 3 or 4 of the games we’ve already lost this year would have been a few timely singles up the middle — or a few hits to extend an inning for the next guy. We don’t always need the the long ball from every hitter to get the job done.

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