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Tigers Season Preview – 2008 Edition

After re-reading my 2007 season preview, I had to admit I was a little leery of doing another one this year. It’s all just such a crap shoot. And even after digesting the most dynamic offseason in franchise history and tracking the team’s progress over six weeks of spring training, I’m still not clear on the fortunes of this team. But without further preamble and sentences started with conjunctions – The DTW Preview.


It’s pretty clear the Tigers are poised to have an exciting offense. With everybody healthy this will be the best lineup in baseball. And the batting order is solid enough that it could even sustain a major injury and still be better than most of the competition. The 1000 run threshold has been widely discussed, but that has to be viewed as a best case scenario. I actually expect the total to be in the 925-950 range.

Last year the Tigers scored 887 runs and they did it with the help of some career years that can’t be expected to be repeated. We’ve heard about how much less productive Magglio Ordonez, Curtis Granderson, and Placido Polanco are going to be. But the Tigers also suffered from some pretty terrible production in left field, third base, and first base. Each of those areas have been addressed and improved substantially.

Run Prevention

Remember in the spring of 2007 when people were raving about the Tigers pitchers? They had a great rotation, a solid bullpen, and they were backed with strong defense. One year later everyone is worried.

Bottom Line

Where I look like a fool and put it all together. I see this team winning about 92 wins. Whether or not that is good enough to take the division, I’m not sure. I have a hard enough time predicting my teams performance, let alone every other team. It should have them right in the mix with Cleveland. I also think it should be enough to get them in the playoffs. After that who knows what happens in a short series.

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