THE CONTRACT is official

It’s kind of anti-climactic at this point, but the Miguel Cabrera deal has officially been announced. The deal is for 7 years and $141 million beyond the 1 year deal he signed for 2008.

As speculated correctly here (I’m so rarely right I feel the need to claim it), $15 million is due in 2009. The Freep has the breakdown of the remaining years which range from $20 to $22 million a year. I’ve updated the Payroll page to reflect this. It is worth noting that the Tigers have $114 million committed to 13 players (including Porcello and a Renteria option) in 2009 and $94 million committed in 2010. This team is built to win for the next 3 years.

There is what the Freep deemed a limited no trade clause. It’s described as the Tigers being able to trade Cabrera to 10 teams without his permission. I’d call that partial instead of limited, but that’s semantics.

In a separate article the Freep detailed that had the deal not been done now, it might not have gotten done at all. Certainly not at the same price anyways. Cabrera wasn’t going to negotiate during the season, and had he waited until next offseason, free agency would have only been one year away.

As for the whether or not it was a good deal, it’s being praised by those who crunch the numbers.

One thought on “THE CONTRACT is official”

  1. What I find most interesting in all of the reports are the comments that Miguel wanted to wait until he met his teammates and management, to see if there was a comfort level with the team. The fact that at his age he can appreciate the value of that as something more than dollars and cents tells me he has character, depth and maturity along with super talent. Looking forward to watching him as a Tiger for years to come!!

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