ST Game Thread: Blue Jays at Tigers

PREGAME: Hey, the Tigers are on TV and I’m home to watch it. It will be Dontrelle Willis taking on Jesse Litsch today at 1:05. With the game in Lakeland, hopefully we’ll get to see the full lineup in action.

If you happen to be around to watch the game, feel free to chime in.

Art note: The above shot was taken by Tom Hagerty. His album of Joker Marchant shots can be found here.

3 thoughts on “ST Game Thread: Blue Jays at Tigers”

  1. Dontrelle got knocked around pretty good. The four walks certainly didn’t help.

    Inge has looked okay at shortstop so far.

  2. Why not give Inge more reps at SS during ST, so he can practice throwing from that angle again, and take Raburn north with them instead of Santiago

    I really dont see what Ramon brings to the team if you have Raburn and Inge?

    He cannot hit, doesn’t have much range either, just is good at turning DP and makes routine plays. Not a real knock on him, but I think they’d be a lot better off with Raburn.

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