links for 2008-03-12


  1. Andrew Stein

    March 12, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Lemme guess…Rob thinks every win the Tigers earned over the past two seasons is a fluke and they’ll fall to earth in ’08, winning just 70 games.

    Rogers is too old to pitch, Willis will NEVER regain his form, Robertson is no good, Bonderman won’t improve and Verlander is just lucky.

    Granderson, Renteria, Polanco and Ordonez will fall far from their ’07 seasons and hit around .250. Sheffield, Pudge and Guillen will get hurt on the first day of the season and play about 5 games all year. Thames and Jones are going to run into LF at the same time out of sheer incompetence and slam into each other at least once a week. This of course will adveresely affect their already lackluster hitting as well since there is NO WAY Jones can bounce back from his performance in ’07. Cabrera will basically have to carry the team by himself but even his immense talent will not be able to handle the juggernaut of AL pitching and hit 15 HR’s.

    Despite the fact that relief pitchers are one of the most unpredictable commodities in baseball, the Tigers pen will not be able to bounce back. And since the rotation will only be able to go 5 IP per-start, the pressure applied to the pen will allow AT LEAST 900 runs.

    Hey, I’m right!

  2. Ben

    March 12, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    I see that Bonderman is on the list as well (#13). Since he was brought into the big leagues very early, it’s easy for me to forget that he is also quite young.