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  1. I’m certainly no big fan of Brandon Inge, but I’m even less a fan of Rob Neyer. In Neyer’s blog today he refers to a possible Inge to Dodgers deal as nonsensical for the Dodgers (which it may be) and reduces Inge’s value as a “future stay-at-home dad.”

    I’m guessing that when he makes conclusory comments such as these Neyer is trying to be funny. And I think, that I’ve finally realized that’s my main problem with the guy. Because he isn’t remotely funny. There isn’t a baseball writer out there less funny than Rob Neyer. I wish he would just spare us and stick to statistical analysis and leave humor to those who actually possess wit.

  2. Sports writers are typically extremely bitter, cynical people. Which, among other things, obviously means I’m in the wrong line of work.

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