Granderson to DL – Arghhh

Remember when the Tigers made the Edgar Renteria trade and everyone was so happy? Meanwhile Joel Zumaya was being evaluated from having his shoulder crushed and the news he’d be out put a big damper on the euphoria. Well, now Curtis Granderson’s finger (middle no less) is sticking it to Tigers fans basking in the Miguel Cabrera glow.

Jason Beck reports that when he was hit by a pitch yesterday, it fractured his finger. This means a couple weeks in a splint and a couple weeks of missed time. And to make things even better, it’s his right hand which is kind of important for someone who throws right handed.

This could be that regular playing time that Inge was looking for. Or it could solidify Ryan Raburn’s spot on the team. Or it could open the door for Freddy Guzman.

Long term this doesn’t figure to be significant. Short term it is irritating to say the least.

11 thoughts on “Granderson to DL – Arghhh”

  1. I’m on the ledge. I see this as a bad omen. Please let him be back for my 50th b-day celebration at the 4/24 game!!! Do NOT let me near the pitcher that hit him . . .

  2. A Raburn makes the tigers very versatile as far as positions go. Both Inge and Raburn can sub for anyone. One will take Center, and the other will sub in for a different guy everyday.

  3. I certainly don’t think this is a bad open, unfortunate but it happens. And missing a week or so of the regular season isn’t so bad. Personally I like Raburn to be out there.

    Happy Easter and Go Tigers.

  4. Personally, I like Ryan Raburn as an everyday player. He has a similar swing to Ryan Braun of Milwaukee. Too bad we got Jaque Jones…

  5. I like Raburn, but my feeling is we gotta showcase Inge and also try to keep him happy. Advantage, Inge. Problem I foresee is Inge himself getting hurt playing center. At least while he was playing 3rd base there was only the occassional dive into the concrete for a foul ball — at center I see potential for a whole lot of foolhardy Ingeness — diving for balls, slaming into the wall, etc. I could be wrong, but Inge strikes me as that kid on the block whose parents wanted to put a helmet on every time he walked out of the house. If he gets hurt, we’ll never be able to trade him, and he will even be more unhappy. I wish we’d play Raburn.

    What about Guzman? I’m sure there is no room for him on the 25 man roster — but I wonder is there is any creative way for him to get some playing time while Granderson is on the DL…

  6. I’d say this injury is advantage Timo Perez, no? Grandy being out leaves a void for A) an outfielder and B) a left handed hitter. Can you think of anyone who fits that description?

  7. Either Timo or The Speedy Freddy Guzman will make the team for the reasons I mentioned before. I forgot that TSFG is a switch hitter.

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