15 items to make the 2008 Tigers season enjoyable

My wish list for the Tigers 2008 season. Things like Winning the World Series aren’t on there, because that’s kind of a given. This is merely my list of things I’d like to see that may indicate some success and/or make the season more enjoyable.

  1. Opening Day doesn’t get rained out.  I’m not just being selfish here because I’m going.  But the Opener is such a great party, one of the best days in the city.  
  2. Grand Circus Park Garage doesn’t raise prices.  The location is great and it was a $5 bargain as recently as 2005.  But it was up to $15 last year and probably going higher.
  3. FSN Detroit beefs up their stats.  Please, please give us more than batting average/home runs/RBI.  Let’s start with OBP and maybe add slugging as well.  I will say they do a good job with pitching stats. 
  4. The fan base doesn’t overreact when the offense has a bad week.  It will happen, both the bad week and the overreaction. 
  5. The fan base doesn’t overreact when Todd Jones has a bad week.  It will happen, both the bad week and the overreaction.
  6. That Todd Jones doesn’t have too many bad weeks.  ‘Cuz there aren’t a lot of other options.
  7. Pudge makes bringing him back in 2009 a tough decision.  Spring stats are spring stats, but Pudge has been huge this March.  A productive Pudge will be a boon to the bottom of the lineup.
  8. A bunch of teams pass on top prospects due to signability concerns in the draft.  Because the farm system needs some top shelf talent.
  9. That one of the toolsy Latin American minor league players turns into a stud and quickly.  (See above)  Wilkin Ramirez, Audy Ciriaco, Alexis Espinoza, come on down.
  10. Rick Porcello has a productive and healthy season.  (See Above)
  11. Curtis Granderson wins a Gold Glove.  It means he was healthy, was pretty good defensively, and also had a big offensive season.
  12. Joel Zumaya hits 100mph on the gun.  Not only would it help to have him back full strength, I just think it would be a tremendous shame if 2006 was it for him.
  13. Jeremy Bonderman pitches 200 innings.  If he’s healthy, he’ll be great.  If he pitches a full season, it means he’s healthy.
  14. Another errorless season for Polanco.  Let’s keep the streak going.
  15. The Tigers win everything.  Okay, I cheated.  I want this World Series.  I want a Cy Young.  I want an MVP.  I want it all.

What’s on your wish list for the 2008 Tigers?

22 thoughts on “15 items to make the 2008 Tigers season enjoyable”

  1. I don’t know about #14 billfer. The official scorer deserves an assist for last season’s errorless streak. Personally I’d like to see Verlander win 20 games. Pitcher wins are largely a silly stat, but there’s just something about seeing a number starting with 2 in that column…

  2. I only have one great hope:

    Denny Bautista becomes the Zumaya of ’06, or the Betancourt of ’07…. Fireballer with three plus pitches becomes lights out 8th inning guy (yeah, I know Zoom pitched the 7th in ’06, but go with me here). If he does that, and everyone else plays to reasonable expectations, the Tigers are in the playoffs. I have been dwelling more and more on Bautista. He is the great unknown. Everyone else on the roster is completely known. It feels really weird to say, but I think our season may very well hinge on that guy. That was even weird to write… 🙂

  3. I agree on Verlander for 20 wins. He’s my Tiger, I’d love to see a 20-7 3.35 out of him.

    It sure seems like the bullpen will determine the fate of this team. Hopefully Batista or someone can step up and be a go-to guy. Maybe Rodney or Zumaya will be able to return to that role at some point. It’s a long season.

    Another key I hope to see is that Willis doesn’t implode. From the look of things this Spring, it seems we’re headed for a 7-12 5.80 nightmare.

  4. I’ll add that Inge finds a meaningful role he is happy with and second the wish that Willis not become a disaster.

  5. re: # 2 Parking Prices

    I really think the local mom & pop lots are gonna hammer the fans. It’s supply and demand.

    I hope I’m wrong on this because it’s really going to be frustrating driving through all the current construction only to get to the game and be presented with a sign offering $25 ($30?,$35?).

    Great list.

    I’ll add – “Brandon Inge ends up loving (and thriving) being the sub and all the various positions.”

  6. My short list:

    1. At least one shutout from Verlander and Bonderman, preferably against good teams.
    2. Bonderman going 200 with 200 k’s.
    3. Willis being at least as effective as Nate was last year. That sounds weird – here’s a guy who was supposed to be an ace for a long time to come, and he looks like he’s on a downward spiral ever since 2006.
    4. Zumaya back by the ASB throwing hard.
    5. Rodney back by May and devastating.
    6. Bautista coming from nowhere to be a great reliever.
    7. Another big year for Bobby Seay.
    8. Sheffield, Ordonez, and Cabrera all topping 20HR and 100RBI
    9. Granderson hitting 15+ triples.
    10. Raburn sticking with the team and being productive.

  7. I was just thinking that today is my last day of work where there is no regular season baseball for the next 6 months….things are looking up!

    This offense has the potential to be one of the best of all time…here’s to that potential becoming a reality and Happy Opening Day to all.

  8. I’d like to see Miguel Cabrera make a run at the Triple Crown and play some quasi-Gold Glove-caliber defense.

    What….too much?

  9. Brandon Inge leaps over the fence to save a grand slam in the top of the 9th in cf then hits a grand slam in game 7 bottom 9, 2outs (assuming al wins asg)


    really though

    i just hope we make the playoffs and win the division, then its a crapshoot

  10. That Tigers fans remain humble and do not start acting like obnoxious Red Sox fans.

  11. I hope that the Tigers give an exciting, memorable season with plenty of highlights. I also hope that we win our last game of the year deep in October.

  12. I hope they can just give us half of the memorable moments that 2006 had. And of course finish the job that the 06 team didn’t.

  13. I hope Joel Zumaya DOESN’T hit 100 mph on the gun and works in the 95-97 range and uses that freaking changeup that was voted by Baseball America as the best in the organization in 2005. Better then Verlander’s.

  14. Verlander gets his first Cy Young. And if he does that you know the team did well. Count on it.

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