Rick Porcello’s Debut

Rick Porcello
credit Roger DeWitt

The Tigers first round draft pick from a year ago made his debut of sorts today. Rick Porcello pitched 2 perfect innings, the first of which came while the Blue Jays regulars were in the game. Here’s how his day went:

  • David Eckstein grounds out, pitcher Rick Porcello to first baseman Jeff Larish.
  • Alex Rios grounds out, shortstop Mike Hollimon to first baseman Jeff Larish.
  • Vernon Wells pops out to first baseman Jeff Larish
  • Frank Thomas strikes out swinging.
  • Russ Adams grounds out, second baseman Scott Sizemore to first baseman Jeff Larish.
  • Matt Watson grounds out, third baseman Ramon Santiago to first baseman Jeff Larish.

Six batters faced and no balls leaving the infield. Plus getting The Big Hurt swinging and I think the outing can only be viewed as a positive.

5 thoughts on “Rick Porcello’s Debut”

  1. It’s only one outing of 2 IP, but I can’t help but be impressed. Six up, six down and like you mentioned, Billfer, no balls out of the infield.

    I’ve seen it mentioned a few times that Porcello is at least 2 years away, but if he has a real nice season, I wonder if there’s at least a shot of seeing him in 2009.

  2. I hope we don’t see him in 2009, no matter how talented he is. The Tigers need to stop rushing their top prospects.

  3. ricky is ready i played ball with him in little league. he’s been ready since 4th grade…he was throwing hard then and getting everyone out. no one can touch the kid.

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