Tigerfest sells out and some other trade.

There is an unprecedented buzz around the Tigers right now. I know it by looking at my server logs, but a much less obscure measure is the fact that Tigerfest sold out in 24 hours. I was astounded when it sold out last year, and was prepared to move quickly. But I didn’t move quick enough and now I’m left out in the cold. Or considering it’s at Comerica Park maybe I’ll be left out in the warm?

Oh yeah, there was another trade yesterday. I knew about it, was aware of it, but it really didn’t seem to fit anywhere last night. The Tigers swapped relievers with the Rockies and shipped out Jose Capellan for Denny Bautista. Matt took one for the Tigers blogosphere and broke it down. Then again, it’s not like the Tigers minor league blogger has anything else to do right now.
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  1. A buddy of mine emailed me when this trade went down and asked what I thought.

    I replied that “Who Cares?” comes to mind.

    Not to be callous, but I was NOT a fan of Capellan’s when he was in Milwaukee (I live there now and saw a lot of him…too much, really.)

    So I guess this is OK in my book. Cappelan was proven to be worthless…so nothing lost in dealing him for someone else who only MIGHT be worthless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. MLBTR suggests there is yet anoyther trade…this one with the rangers. chris shelton to texas for freddy guzman.

  3. After standing in line for over an hour at the last tigerfest at the joe, I got the autographs of Shelton, Grilli, Larrison and Paws. I was pretty satisfied at the time. Now I still think the Paws auto was cool. I can imagine the same thing in the cold.

  4. I dont really know what to say, but I just thought about this when Bonds said he wanted to play again…

    I really don’t like him, and think he could ruin the team with everything that surrounds him but

    He had the highest OB% out of any National Leaguer at a .480 clip, combine that with .565 Slugging and he is a lefty.

    Think of this lineup


    How many people on this board, even if they could throw like Verlander would like to throw to that lineup?

  5. Why would we need bonds? According to Jones, we are already better than th ’84 Tigs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Honestly, if we signed Bonds, and he wasn’t in prison, I would say trade Shef and Inge for bullpen help and keep Jones/Thames for LF.

  6. Thanks for the link, but I beg to differ about not having anything to write about. I’m working on an enthralling piece about the long and storied career of Freddy Guzman.

    Seriously though, I looked at potential starters for the Mud Hens after the trade and I’m pretty sure they’re going to need to snag a couple of minor league free agents again this year.

    Here’s something else I realized. Don’t you have to feel kind of insulted if you’re Tata and Vasquez right now? The Tigers just traded almost all of their top pitching prospects and the Marlins didn’t touch you? I think it speaks to a lack of confidence in their stuff.

  7. I knew I should’ve ordered them when I got the email! Sheesh.
    I mean the buzz is good for the team, but not when it precludes me from attending TigerFest!

  8. Jim Leyland, during an interview with one of the Detroit radio stations a month or two ago, stated emphatically that Bonds would not be a Detroit Tiger. “End all speculation right now,” I believe his words were. He said Bonds was not a good fit.

  9. According to MLB.com, Jose Cappellan got picked up via Rule 5 by the Giants.

    Hope he hadn’t bought his plane ticket for Denver yet.

  10. It should be noted, that Denny Bautista was, supposedly, this can’t miss phenom. I think it was 2004 that the Orioles traded him away to ‘win now’. And boy, did the local AND national ‘experts’ rip the Orioles mercilessly for trading him. This ‘slam dunk’ future ace….

    I guess they were wrong. As you don’t hear much about him anymore.

    If only I had a nickel for every ‘can’t miss’ prospect that missed…..

  11. According to Danny Knobler today:

    “The Tigers said today that Cabrera is their third baseman, and people who know him say that’s where he prefers to play. There is some chance he could end up playing first base with Carlos Guillen at third (one NL manager suggested they should do it this way), but for now Guillen remains the first baseman and Cabrera the third baseman.”

    He also says that Inge will almost certainly be traded before the end of spring training and that the Tigers don’t expect to have to pay part of his salary.

  12. At only $19 million over 3 years, I would HOPE the Tigs aren’t liable for any of Inge’s salary.

    I know he’s a lightning rod around the Tigers Kingdom…but he’s certainly worth $6 mil a year.

    I’m really kind of hoping he gets traded to Milwaukee, so I can watch him play more. (He’s My wife’s Tiger…what can you do?)

    But I don’t think that’s likely. Brewers GM Doug Melvin has said he isn’t interested…and Milwaukee has the same bullpen weakness that Detroit does, so I don’t know what Detroit could get from here.

    But I can hope.

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