Tigerfest 2008

The Tigers have sent information to [edit:]some[/edit] season ticket holders about this winter’s version of Tigerfest. It will be on January 12th and once again it will be hosted at Comerica Park. Of course the nice thing about holding it at an outdoor venue is that you don’t have to worry about the ice sculptures melting – for like 6 weeks.

I am a little surprised that they’ll be doing it at Comerica again, because reports from last year were that despite portable heaters the venue was still cold as well as very congested. I’ll give the organization the benefit of the doubt though and will trust that they’ll take what they learned last year to try and alleviate those problems.

No word yet on when tickets will go on sale to the general public, but it did sell out last year so I’ll let you know when I hear something.

UPDATE: Info on tickets:

Tickets for the 14th annual winter baseball event, presented by StubHub! will go on sale on Tuesday, December 4 at 10 a.m. Tickets can be purchased online at www.tigers.com/tigerfest or by calling 866-66-TIGER (84437). The cost of admission will be $12 for adults and $6 for kids 14-and-under. Children three and under are admitted for free.

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  1. I went last year. It was cool. Strike, that, COLD. Too cold. Regardless of all there is to do and see (actually, there wasn’t THAT much), it is NOT worth enduring Comerica Park in January again. Once is enough of that. Unless there is a freak winter heat wave, at least.

  2. Last year was cold, but still a lot of fun. I am all for doing it Comerica again. Getting inside the park in January goes a long way for the people who can’t wait for Opening Day.

  3. Holding Tigerfest 2008 at Comerica again shows the blatant disregard the Tigers’ front office has for us fans. Last year’s event was a disaster according to nearly every public comment I have read. Control of the events was dismal, often resulting in large numbers of fans being shut out for long, COLD, periods of time. I’d like to saty away, but my son doesn’t yet understand the concepts of corporate greed and indifference. SAD, but typical!!!

  4. Surprising, I did not get an email on this either and normally I get several emails a week from the Tigers and MLB trying to sell me everything under the sun. You know I love my Tigers but the experience just sounds Too Cold!!!

  5. i went last yr. to tigerfest it was very cold , but i loved it . i’m going again this yr. the best part was you got to meet all the tigers players

  6. I worked there last year, and was going from Guest Services up to the press box leading fans up to the Anthem Auditions. All the time I was in Guest Services I heard so many complaints. Not so much about the cold, but how unorganized it was. Especially the autograph signings and the tours. I heard people saying they waited in line for 2 hours only to be told the line was cut, and they had to wait in another line. Hopefully things go smoother this time and it’s a mild… 40-degree day.

  7. Where is the list of players??? The website went up a month or so ago and stated we would know shortly. The event is next week. So, they got our money and it doesn’t matter if we’re told or not. Again, a sad but typical effort!!! Who supervises this stuff??? Raising ticket prices, holding events in subarctic conditions, and ignoring us fans. If that’s what happens after a couple of winning seasons, imagine the horrors of a post-World Championship year!!!

  8. We are season ticket holders and went last year, it was absolutely freezing, there was no organization and it was almost impossible to get an autograph unless you waited in line for up to 4 hours, and even then you couldn’t guarantee who’s autograph you’d be getting as they switched the players out so often. This year, we received no information about it, not that’d I’d have gone…but aren’t season ticket holders entitled to some perks?

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