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The Tigers placed 2 players on the top prospect list. Cameron Maybin ranks 3rd overall behind Jay Bruce and Evan Longoria. Rick Porcello debuts at 14 which is impressive to say the least.

There are still a couple of prospect lists that still to come. John Sickels list should be coming in the next week or so, and Baseball America is still a ways away. Once they are all in (Tigstown and Baseball Prospectus have already completed their Tigers lists) I’ll aggregate the results into a consensus top 10 list.

As a side note, Gorkys Hernandez who is now with the Braves, just missed the list and checked in at 53. As for the rest of the AL Central, the Royals had 2 players on the list. But the Indians, White Sox and Twins combined to have 2 players in the top 50.

Minor League Baseball: News: Top Prospects

7 thoughts on “ Top Prospect list”

  1. I love following prospects — all of them, not just Tigers prospects — and I won’t lie; that list is probably the worst list I’ve seen. And the worst thing is that it’s a poll of some scouts, some non-scouts. Honestly, having Maybin ahead of Colby Rasmus — and by 4 spots — is pretty ridiculous. Same draft class and Colby’s been better at every level.

    Oh, and Adam Miller in the top 10 on a prospect list, still, confirms said terrible-ness. Which is upsetting, ’cause Johnathan Mayo’s name is attached to it and I don’t think they reflect his views (he didn’t vote on it, just presented/narrated the video that goes along with it).

  2. Dave T. – Yes. That’s the nice thing about the lists Kevin Goldstein does for BaseballProspectus. After he does the prospects, he shows where the major leaguers who are under 25 would fit in.

  3. I don’t subscribe to BP, so I’m just going to make a guess that Miller’s 3rd on the list, Matt? Likely the lone 4-star guy on the list, right?

  4. I would imagine that Miller rates better than that. He has bigtime movement on a mid 90s fastball, a dominant slider, and a change. He’s 6’6″ and a lefty. That sounds more like a 5 star guy than a 4 star. He’s been a projected ace since his sophomore year. Don’t forget about him because he had a few forgettable performances last year.

  5. KG doesn’t give stars on the rankings that include the major leaguers, so while we know Miller was rated third, we don’t know if it would have been as a four or a five.

    And for anyone who’s wondering where other prominent Tigers are on a list of top players in the system under 25, to qualify you had to be under 25 on Opening Day 2008.

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