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  1. My mom will be happy to hear about Price. It’s funny to hear her have such a strong negative opinion about somebody, but she can’t stand Price.

    I noticed Bazardo’s name in that Baseball Analysts article when I read it. I wonder if that particular pitch is a fairly new development because I don’t think he was much of a groundballer before this past season. If he can become one, I’d feel much better about his chances of surviving his low strikeout rate.

  2. There is a God! I actually like Price on color … he seems to have grown a backbone and tell it more like it is. But, gosh, he was awful at play-by-play. Kudos to Dickerson, he’s the best broadcaster we have in this town and since Ernie was in his hayday.

  3. Allow me to ditto the gratitude expressed regarding Jim Price’s change in position. His play-by-play was monotone and non-descriptive and included almost nothing in terms of communicating the atmosphere or action.

    Dickerson, on the other hand, does a tremendous job and it’ll be great to hear him in the lead the entire game.

    On a related note, for all the kudos regularly passed along for Ernie Harwell, it would be wonderful to get Paul Carey – who was my personal favorite – on the mic one more time. I understand he’s still alive, healthy and living in the Detroit area. Has anyone else heard much about him lately?

  4. Rings:

    I’m actually in a roto baseball league with Paul and some other media types. Paul is doing very well and still follows the game closely. And, yes, his voice is as good as it ever was. I agree with you, he was very under-rated. He’s a very classy gentleman … except for kicking my ass in roto!

  5. I am so happy about the Price move I can’t even begin to tell you about it. I don’t remember Paul Carey, when did he announce?

  6. Erinie and Paul broadcasted from the early 1970s to about 1991. If you had heard him, Dave, you’d remember. Great, deep voice, excellent knowledge of the game … a real pro.

  7. Scott: Please pass along our regards as Tiger fans!!!! He’s definitely missed by many and I’ve always considered him my favorite announcer of all time. I actually use his photo as my avatar on another site, to which the younger posters always wonder who it is.
    I see Ernie every year at the World Tournament of Historic Base Ball in Dearborn and/or at Tiger Fantasy Camps and he’s told me that Paul is doing well as I annually pass along my good wishes.
    Would he ever consider coming back to the booth for a game or two?
    There has never been another scoreboard show – on radio/TV or otherwise – as good as his used to be…with the NL, followed by the AL and the wrap, “for Ernie Harwell, this is Paul Carey, saying ‘so long.'” I can still hear that baritone! Brilliant.

    (Actually, Scott, if you don’t mind emailing me at, I’d appreciate it.)

  8. Not only would it be great to hear Paul Carey working a game again – – do you think the Tigers would ever allow Ernie and Paul to do a game or two together? Would they both want to do it?? I know there has to be thousands of Tiger fans who would love to hear those guys together again. Man, I would pay to hear a game called by them again.

  9. Ernie Harwell and George Kell used to split play-by-play when I was a kid.Their voices were like music on backyard radios in the middle of summer.
    Ray Lane was also pretty good in the booth.One of my all time favorites in Detroit sports broadcasting.I ran into him one time in a public place and we talked sports for close to 30 minutes.
    My favorite color guy was Al Kaline.As clumsy as he could be in the booth,particularly when he started out,I loved how he would express his disgust and disbelief when a player did something particularly stupid.

  10. XM may have to redo their “priceless call of the day” named in honor of Jim’s ability to sound completely bored when an opposing player goes yard. In truth Ed Farmer has Price beat by miles in this regard.

    I live in California and I drive a lot, so I listen to scads of games on XM. Price is weak on play by play but by no means the worst. And I think he is far above average doing the color. He has excellent insight to the intricacies of the pitcher v. hitter battle and he isn’t afraid to get into some pretty detailed stuff. Compared to the drab stuff that passes for “color” for most teams, Price is good. Of course I liked him as Freehan’s back up too, so maybe I am partial. Dickerson I feel is excellent. I don’t see many TV games but I like Impemba and Allen fine when I see them.

    Kaline busted his butt to become decent. He was really awkward at first but he worked at it just like he worked on making a perfect throw to second base. He could have mailed it in but that’s not Kaline. Kell and Harwell helped him a lot.

    My favorite “second fiddle” was Paul Carey. He did a smooth play by play and really crisp pre and postgame shows. He and Ernie were a great team.

    Compared to what I’ve heard over the years the Tigers do pretty well. Vin Scully is terrific even though past his prime. Marty Brenneman for the Reds and Denny Mathews for the Royals are great. And of course you have to love the boobs like Caray, Harrelson, John Sterling (“and the… Yankees win”), just cuz they give us something to bitch about.

    The best ever, without a doubt, is Harry Doyle from Major League.

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