Granderson’s Charity Hoops Event

Curtis Granderson is hosting a celebrity basketball game to benefit Grand Kids Foundation. The game will take place at Avondale High School on the evening of January 26th. The confirmed participants so far include Tyrone Wheatley, Andre Weathers, Courtney Hawkins, Jeff Grayer, Anthony Dirrell, and Rashad Evans.

  • The Grand Kids Foundation aims to enrich the educational experiences for children within the inner cities. Some of the goals are as follows:
  • Provide educational resources for schools in need (books, computers, new classrooms/equipment, etc…)
  • Provide educational resources for students in need
  • Establish scholarship programs in both Detroit and Flint for those students that excel, but are in need of financial assistance
  • Help fund inner city athletics programs with new equipment
  • Establish district-wide programs to enhance the experience of education, and make it more fun for students
  • Pay for school visits/free clinics for inner city children by other athletes and celebrities

All kinds of credit goes out to Granderson for being so quick to give back. Curtis only has 2 years of service time meaning that he’s only making near the league minimum and isn’t a millionaire athlete and already he’s involved.

For those worried about Granderson turning an ankle a month before spring training, he won’t be playing in the game. He and Nate Robertson will coach the teams representing Flint and Detroit and the two will compete in a 3 point shooting contest.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for kids. There are also $10 autograph tickets available as well.

Tickets can be purchased at the Grand Kids Foundation.

2 thoughts on “Granderson’s Charity Hoops Event”

  1. Curtis is well on his way to being a Tiger hometown hero, like Gehringer, Horton, Trammell, Kaline, etc.

    Thanks for posting, Bilfer.

  2. Curtis Granderson is my hero. The only list he’ll be on is Man Of The Year. I don’t care if he hits .000 against lefties. Thanks Bilfer.

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