Tigers announce ticket prices & schedule

The Detroit Tigers today announced new ticket prices and their full schedule. There were numerous price increases, but the increases were modest with no seat raising by more than $2. Still, many of the better value seats, such as the outfield box in both the lower and upper deck as well as the right field grandstand were all effected.

Lower Level Seats
On-Deck Circle 65
Tiger Den $62*
Infield Box $42*
Terrace 35
Outfield Box $32*
RF Grandstand $22*
Pavilion 15
Bleachers $12*
Kaline’s Corner 10
Upper Level Seats
Club Seats $27*
Upper Box $22*
Upper Box RF $22*
Upper Box LF $22*
Mezzanine 15
Upper Reserved 12
Sykline 5
SRO $15+

* – reflects $2 increase

The price increases aren’t enough to make you think “hey they’re going after A-Rod.” If you figure that half of the seats were effected, and the Tigers draw 3 million fans again next year, that’s a net increase in Ilitch’s wallet of all of $3 million.

As for the schedule, here is the full 2008 version.


  1. Jeff M

    November 2, 2007 at 2:30 pm

    Any word on the season ticket packages/discounts yet?

  2. David

    November 3, 2007 at 3:34 am

    Besides targeting some of the guys I’ve said – why not offer slammin’ sammy a 1 year 5mil contract I’d be happy for 20 dingers and 92 Rbi s outta LF next ye ar