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  1. I’m not a big Jones fan but with Zumaya gone I would like to see him signed. I hope they get another reliver besides.

    Is Gagne worth a gamble? He was awful in Boston but had good velocity. Could Kerry Wood be gotten out of Chicago? They could really use a power arm to replace Z.

    To my mind, Rogers earned his entire two year salary and then some with his 2006 performance. His steady pitching right from the start was a critical factor in the team’s success. I hope they bring him back. If healthy he will win 15 again. If not we can say thanks for 2006 and those awesome post season starts.

    Do they still go for a LH bat? Jenkins looks like a longshot. A lesser known guy like Mike Lamb?

  2. Appreciate the link. It always shoots my site visits way up.

    The Huntington comment seems like a shout out to the stats community to me. You know, like “Yeah, we know all about all those stats, so don’t come running to us complaining about so and so’s VORP.”

    I just have to believe they have some proprietary stats they’re using that go beyond what we have access to at THT and BP.

  3. I don’t think the Tigers are in a position to take a flier on Kerry Wood. Had Joel been healthy, Wood’s a great supplemental piece but not one to fix the hole left by Zumaya.

    I think Gagne is 100% worth the “gamble”. Edgar Renteria was HORRIBLE in Boston and rebounded with career year. Just sayin’ that the whole “sucking in boston” thing gets overblown, and Gagne’s sample was incredibly small in Boston. His sample in Texas is twice as big with great results. No one seems to ever mention that anymore.

    Great interview Matt. Nice to get the perspective of someone like Mr. Skelton who’s son isn’t ever going to be on prospect top 100 lists, but is still a potential part of the future of the Tigers. I didn’t know that there was a program that paid for 4 years of college for all high schoolers that skip college. That was a great insight.

    I think the Pirates nailed a potential solid GM. Number-crunching guys are much more successful in smaller markets since they’re normally working on budgets that are tiny.

  4. Oh, and on that overrated/underrated list, who was rating Kendall, Podsednik, Ty Wigginton, etc? Kind of an arbitrary list.

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