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  1. I don’t take anything Drew Sharp or Rob Parker say on baseball seriously.

    Yankees Starting 9 Average Age: 31.1 years old.
    Tigers Starting 9 Average Age: 31.7 years old.

    We’re not a younger team then the Yankees and we’re aren’t a better shot to sustain success then the Yankees.

    The Yankees will get significantly younger next year pitching wise with Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain (who still should be in the minors as a starter to start next year, 88 innings above rookie ball doesn’t mean he’s ready, in my opinion) and Ian Kennedy.

    In short, Drew Sharp’s accusations that we’re younger and more apt to sustaining this run is far from accurate — especially considering that even though Illitch has a lot of funds, the Yankees still have the MOST funds available.

    Sorry for the all caps, but, as John McEnroe might say, you can not be serious!! He was the dominant reliever of the last two months of the season. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but i’m wondering if you once suffered an arm injury that might explain your desire to have all pitchers spend 3-4 years in the minors.

    I’m not a big Parker fan. Although, his song “The Other Woman’ is an 80s classic.

  3. No, if Joba is going to be in the rotation, which is what I thought those rules were for, he needs time in Triple-A. He cannot be successful in the American League with little to no time in the minors as a starter. They need to look no further then Andrew Miller to prove that College Pitchers cannot have less then 90 innings and jump to the major leagues.

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