Stay classy Sean Casey

While there is a lot up in the air regarding the Tigers roster, one thing isn’t and that is Sean Casey’s future.  Casey met with Dombrowski and Leyland and they let him know he won’t be returning.

This isn’t a big surprise given the Tigers announcement that Carlos Guillen would be moving to first base.  And while there was a contingent who would like to see Casey kept around as a pinch hitter, it isn’t feasible in an era of 12 man pitching staffs.  Casey can’t run and can only play the easiest defensive position to fill which just isn’t enough to justify a roster spot.

Casey was a popular guy, but the production just wasn’t there.  His .296/.354/394 line was about as good as what could be expected given his career numbers.  The only real surprising part of his season is that he stayed healthy.

Casey was basically all of the Tigers offense in the World Series last year and so Tigers fans should have some fond memories of The Mayor.

Casey won’t return to Tigers