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  1. I have a question to anyone out there.

    I do not like Bonds one bit, for lying and cheating and acting like a “D1ck”.

    But, lets say that with him the Tigers would win a WS and w/o they would not, would you want him on this team?

    I’d lean towards no myself…

  2. No. Not at all. If Bonds gets signed to the Detroit Tigers I’ll find it incredibly hard to even pat attention to the big league club then. That’d be a huge disgrace and stain on the organization. It was bad enough trading for Sheffield who already had big time ties to alleged steroid use.

    Billfer, as far as Magglio getting points for playing defense, should he really? this link has Magglio at -4.7 runs defensively. He’s made up for that with his bat but just because he’s bumbling around in RF doesn’t mean he should get credit for hurting the team defensively.

    And for what it’s worth, the main page of that guys blog ( showed Dewan’s top 5 and bottom 5 fielders in baseball and they correlated to this guy’s (Justin Inaz) defensive numbers nicely.

    That said, my ballot would go:
    David Ortiz

  3. MVP or not, there’s something special about Maggs at the plate, that may sound like stating the obvious, but appart from the numbers, I just like his approach and how he changes that depending on the situation. He and Guillen both, at the plate, will go the other way, aim a grounder through the hole, softly poke it in the gap. They adjust depending on who they’re facing, the count, the inning, the lead/deficit, how many outs. They bring their smarts to the plate and do what’s best for the team, offensively.

    0-2 count down 5-0, you’ll never see Maggs swing for the fences. Some other Tigers should take a lesson from that.

    David – Interesting question on Bonds, more interesting is how Tigers fans feel. If forced to choose, which is more important. Winning? Or playing the right way?

  4. Again, I say my nonexistent pet monkey will fly before Sheffield walks away from 28m. Now could he get says his shoulder is too damaged to play and he should collect the 28 anyway?

    That sounds totally Sheff.

  5. Playing the right way as in no cream or injections, but I’m fine with everything that Ty Cobb did. Even if you don’t consider that “playing the right way”.

    As long as its natural, I just don’t like seeing a team full of Bruce Banners.

    Then again do we know that Pudge didn’t use them in ’04? Or Shef didn’t KNOWINGLY use them b4 he got here. Or other players?… besides Neifi – he just blows, i wonder what he would have hit w/o them? .00023?. =-P

  6. All I know about Cobb was that he was a great hitter and had a reputation of being dirty.

    But as far as ‘playing the right way’, the first thing that comes to my mind is Bonds extreme loafing. Frequently not running out ground balls. Standing at home plate to admire deep flyballs that might not leave the park.. That in my opinion, is the ‘wrong way’.

    I’d probably rather lose with an Eric Byrnes type, than win with Bonds.(not that Byrnes is available, just illustrating a point)

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