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links for 2007-09-17

Posted by on September 17, 2007.

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  1. This is not the worst game he has managed and don’t forget, I’m sure he knows every single player, how they feel and everything and sure as heck know he doesnt tell the media everything.

    This is not the be all end all.

    IF we lose another game in this series however IMO beating cleveland for the division becomes unattainable. If we leave the series 3.5 games out it still would be not likely but if we go lets say 8-1 and they go 5-5 or some combo of that.

    After us they play 3 at home against Oakland the first game they go against Blanton, who in his last 4 starts has a 2.79 ERA and has gone at least 7innings in each. Plus for the finale I hear Rich Harden is comming off of the DL.

    Then they go to Seattle for 4, and then KC. If the rotation for KC continues then they will face KC’s toughest starters Meche, Bannister and Grienke. In the Seattle series they line up to face every starter except Weaver.

    IF WE WIN THE NEXT 2 games in the series and go on a roll (8-1). Then if they split in Seattle which is very possible, and lose 2/3 to oakland and beat KC 2/3 that would be 5-5 and we would tie.

    Like I said it doesn’t look good but this game did not “end” our hopes.

    please refer to the Yogi Berra quote above

    Twins beat us out last year, Cards limped into playoffs


    I will assume and you dont have to I dont really care that we win the next 2 games and NY will split the remainder against Baltimore (so winning 2/3). Again we would be 2.5 games back

    We would have 9 games and they 10. If they were to go 7-3 and we were to go 9-0. Tigers 8-1, Yanks 6-4… Tigers 7-2, Yanks 5-5… Tigers 6-3, Yanks 4-6 but you get the point.

    IMO I think the Tigers will rebound and at least be similar to this game except the outcome, they have too many good vets not 2.

    If you don’t believe in this team then why watch. Go watch the Lions or something.

    I believe that they can and probably will post around a .800 winning % for the remaining games somewhere near 9-2 mark and finish with 92 wins. So if you think the Yanks will go greater than 6-6 or 7-5 then stop watching.

    BTW the Yanks will face Toronto 4 best pitchers… Over the last month Halladay has an ERA of 3.26, McGowan 3.00, and AJ Burnett 1.70, Marcum not as good 7.94

    When they Face the Rays they also face their toughest pitchers, Shields, Hammel and Kazmir…

    Hammel has a 2.12ERA over this month, over 3 starts first one was against the Yanks (5ip 1ER)

    Shields has been downright dominant similar to AJ with a 1.64 ERA over this month (3 starts)

    Oh and Kazmir just this past POTW this month over 3 starts he has a 1.80 ERA AND HIS LAST TWO STARTS HIS ERA HAS BEEN 0 and has 21Ks in 13 IP

    Then the Os and hopefully they can win 1/3


    NOT JUST 1 but IMO 6 starters who could all beat them.

    FINAL NOTE, WE have to win the next 2 games and try to sweep at least 2/3 final series.

    by David on Sep 18, 2007 at 1:59 am

  2. A 40-20-20-20 season is very possible for Grandy. http://grandyreport.blogspot.c.....-help.html

    by Deaner on Sep 18, 2007 at 10:20 am

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