Game 155: Royals at Tigers

PREGAME: It’s that time of year when you look at a lot of the guys on the roster and you realize that you might be seeing their last home performances with the English ‘D’ on. Case in point is tonight’s starter Kenny Rogers who’s contract is up at the end of this season I really do think the Tigers will bring him back for a one year deal, because quite frankly they need the starting pitching depth. But you never know.

Another guy who is questionable to come back, Pudge Rodriguez, is in line to move into 3rd place on the all time games caught list as he tied Gary Carter with last night’s game.

Ono the other side, there is a Kansas City team that has assembled some young talent, and players that we’ll be seeing in Royal blue for awhile. One of those may be Kyle Davies, who the Royals acquired at the trade deadline for Octavio Dotel. Davies has struck out a batter an inning since coming to the Royals, but he also walks a batter every other inning and has allowed 8 homers in 41 Royal innings.

I’ll be there tonight, and I’ll probably be tired. It’s “sports day” for my 6 year old son and we’re doing both the Michigan-Penn State game and the Tigers game. We’ll miss part of at least one of the games, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Game Time 7:05

10 thoughts on “Game 155: Royals at Tigers”

  1. Wow. I hope that I can pull off that kind of a day when my career as a Dad begins… good for you. I hope we’ll win em both.

  2. Dont count us out, the two hottest jays pitchers go in the next 2 games and th en the 3 hottest rays pitchers go after that.

    Jays hold on!

    I’ll be at the game,
    Lets go Kenny!

  3. Yow, Just got in from two parties, how bad has this been?

    Well I see that Magglio has gotten some hits, which is really the focus now. Cool.

  4. Amazing. How does a team only get 4 runs on 15 hits? And one of those his was a home run by Granderson. 12 his were done by hitters 4-8 with 19 at bats. This game seams to be one of those statistical anomalies, similar to the game in KC last month where the Tigers got only 3 runs on 16 hits (something that has only happened 3 times in MLB history).

    It’s a good thing this season is almost over. Hopefuly next year we’ll see better luck, turning Ls into Ws.

  5. bad game bad result, i was there, i give up on t he t igs, they had to win today

    i still think the yanks will tank a bit over the next 2 series so maybe we could cut the deficit to like 2 or 3 games by the time we head to chicago.

    still their season is all but done

  6. Well, the number of comments here says it all. This season is at least figuratively over as far as playoffs are concerned.

    It’s been fun and I would like to see Magglio get the batting title and the team to finish strong down the stretch.

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