Game 144: Blue Jays at Tigers

PREGAME: That’s just the kind of season it’s been for the Tigers. They face the Blue Jays 6 times all season, and Roy Halladay starts half of those games.

Halladay was masterful in his last start against the Tigers when he went 10 innings in an extra inning duel against Jeremy Bonderman. In typical Halladay fashion he’s continued his excellence going 8 or more innings in his last 6 starts.

The Tigers will hope that Kenny Rogers can repeat his performance from last week against an offense that looks to be a little more of a challenge. And hopefully the Tigers can get at least 6 innings out of Rogers, because with Bonderman going out early yesterday and a double header slated to be started by a swing man and a guy returning from the DL on Tuesday, the pen might get taxed.

Game Time 7:05
TOR @ DET, Monday, September 10, 2007 Game Preview –

: Something funny happened in the 9th inning tonight. I was wrapping up this post game section, and I’d actually prepared some analysis. You see, I was frustrated with the Tigers for being so impatient with runners on base. Like did you know that Detroit had 19 plate appearances with runners on base, and 17 with the bases empty. Yet with runners on base they saw all of 50 pitches, and they swung at 29 of them which resulted in a lot of quick innings and enabled Halladay to start the 9th.

But then the Tigers get a gift of a hit on a blown call, but then the baserunner was eliminated by a tremendous double play so karma evened out. And a 2 out ground ball single seemed harmless enough, but then Brandon Inge laced a single to center to bring up the tying run in the form of Curtis Granderson. As good as Granderson has been this year, he hasn’t been especially clutch, and it seemed that a left handed reliever would take care of him one way or another. But Toronto went to a right handed reliever and Granderson fisted one up the middle, just out of the reach of those pesky infielders scoring 2 runs.

A line drive single by Polanco put a very speedy tying run in scoring position who was then advanced to third base by a patient Gary Sheffield. Polanco got himself a 2-0 count before singling on 2-1 and Sheffield walked after getting ahead 3-1. I was all set to sing the virtues of patience when Magglio Ordonez comes up and punches the first pitch he sees through the right side to plate Granderson and Polanco. And Ordodnez did his best to stay in the MVP race, even as A-Rod homers every other at-bat.

It was a tremendous comeback and any win against a pitcher the caliber of Halladay feels that much sweeter.

Kenny Rogers was very good, and he went deeper than I would have expected. He threw quite a few pitches early, but got through the 5thand 6th on 15 pitches combined.

And the Tigers won despite losing 2 players to injury as Joel Zumaya went out when he peeled back the fingernail on his index finger and Pudge Rodriguez left with dizziness early on. In the post game presser Jim Leyland said that if Pudge can’t go in the night game tomorrow, Dane Sardhina would be activated, and a 40 man roster move would have to be made.

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  1. Nope. Not much to write about. Vintage Halladay, which is a little better than a very good Kenny. We’ve had a couple threats, but can’t cash in.

  2. Well he’s had about 7 opportunities to lead off an inning in this game, since Sheffield is kind of a punk right now.

    So I’m glad he likes it.

  3. Hi everybody. My daughter finally let me use my computer. I guess we’re just all not stressing out so much anymore, whatever the result is, it is…

  4. Hi cib. I think you’re probably right, we’re collectively beginning to accept our fate.

    Time to break out the Kool-aid, no?

  5. yeah, we could have used him the whole year. or maroth, for that matter, with bondo, miller, etc being hurt also.

  6. i am talking to myself… you guys all just woke up!

    well, as for accepting our fate, i did that 2 weeks ago, but that doesnt mean i stop paying attention…

    i just knew when we couldnt beat the yankees that we were done, and i didnt want to prolong the agony anymore.

  7. Oh, I’m still paying attention, too, and will be at the games tomorrow (with Billfer), Wednesday night, the 21st and 24th. I find it’s just so much more relaxing now . . .

    Mark what area of Chicago are you in? I went to law school over there and go back quite often.

    Jason I agree with you about Maroth. What would have been wrong with keeping him for insurance.

  8. cib,

    I am in Lakeview, just west of Wrigleyville (one of many Tiger fans in the area, believe it or not. I see hats and t-shirts all the time!).

    I disagree on Maroth. He had a +5.00 ERA and WHIP of 1.66 when we traded him to St. Louis. He’s gotten shelled since then, and his ERA is now 6.87 and his WHIP is 1.89 (ugh). He had little left to offer, there’s no way we could have run him out there.

  9. Oh, sure, Mark, very familiar with it. I’ll be there in October for the Springsteen show, staying with a friend in Old Town.

  10. Old Town is a great area, I’ve been known to poke around the art fair every so often.

    Where did you go to law school?

  11. Just hopping on, how close was Sheffield’s flyout in the 3rd to going out?

    Considering it’s Halladay, 8 hits is amazing, even if they are all squibbers and soft line drives.

  12. Its ok, I just think that things are just out of control for the Tigers, the lose of Bondo was irrespondsible, that should have been fixed when the first report came out. Im just thankful that he doesnt have to go under the knife. If he did we would be without our #3 or #4 starter(cause right now thats where im placing Bondo with Verlander and Rodgers #1, 2). That would have crippled us. WE should be able to limp into the stretch 2 GB of wild card 3 or 4 back of AL Central and end up at least at .500 if not with 85+ wins. But then again we may just implode but with Rodgers pitching the way he is, we should be fine for the remainder of the season. Come on guys beat Toronto its only 2 runs!!!!

  13. I’m following online – did something happen to Zumaya? All I saw was the injury delay and then Miner came in.

  14. Unreal. I’m starting to worry that I’m going to dislocate something just by going to the game.
    Oh, hell. I’m going to watch The Closer.

  15. Sheffield’s shoulder is hurting him again by the looks of things tonight. It’d be sweet if he could muster something.

  16. Did that seriously just happen?

    Oh my.

    Left for dead.

    Oh my.

    I have work to do, there is NO WAY I’m getting anything done now.

  17. its too bad maggs has such a good season when we won’t make the playoffs. i would like to see him get more mvp consideration

  18. MAGGS DOES IT AGAIN UNBELEIVEABLE FRICKIN AWESOME WIN!!!! And Leyland wow havent seen him run or jump like that since last year and even then not as much BIG WIN GUYS!!!!

    Go TIgers!!!!!!

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s the Blue Jays for ya.

    When I try to get emotionally unattached, the Tigers bring me right back in. It felt like October last year again.

  20. Great job by Gary finding a way to keep the inning going when he knows he is struggling. Wow!

  21. its too bad maggs has such a good season when we won’t make the playoffs. i would like to see him get more mvp consideration

    How much more MVP consideration can a guy get when he’s one of the 2 horses in a 2 horse race?

  22. All I can think of is the family who were interviewed before the game. They were the ones who cracked the attendance record. The dad had a t-shirt on that said “Never say Never”

  23. FOR ONCE, I’m glad the rally was us against somebody else’s bullpen.

    This strikes me as a Jason Grilli/Tim Byrdak special.

    Cle just tied the WSox, 2-2 in the 7th.

  24. Man oh man, that was some game. They are some team. They catch a break and take advantage. Somewhere, the H was misplaced but it is back big time. Go Tigers.

  25. Just like i said Maggs can do the rest if Sheff got on base, and Maggs unselfishly like all season does it again and finds a hole to win it!!!! Great Running by Polly for the win as well!!!!!

    Playoff chances now up from 10 percent to 13 percent Awesome job Tigers its getting close and we have to keep up the support and you Tigers have to keep up the winning!!!!!

  26. Un freaking believable!

    Bet you they are really wishing they had brough a lefty in to face granderson. That was a horrid move.

    Go Tigers!

  27. i’m calling that an even up game for the one we lost in cleveland…we do get a break…and with that there is still hope for the post season.

  28. Geez, just think if the Tigers take both in the doubleheader tomorrow and the Yankees lose, they will be within two games of the wild card. This week is so important because the Tigers have winnable games at home, while the Yankees face both the Blue Jays (who will be understandably angry) and the Red Sox on the road. I think the Tigers can do it, for tonight at least.

  29. ***its too bad maggs has such a good season when we won’t make the playoffs. i would like to see him get more mvp consideration***

    Don’t count Maggs out. I know conventional wisdom points to A-Rod — the big decider will be the RBIs… I believe Maggs is again within 10 RBI of A-Rod. The last three weeks will decide the MVP

  30. Gonna be interesting to see if they get both games in tomorrow. Detroit is s’posed to be getting some rain, no?

  31. Cabrera just hit a 2-run HR off our buddy Mike Myers on an 0-2 pitch for CLE in the monsoon in Chicago.

    Bad guys up, 4-2, still top 7.

  32. Looks like forcast is little rain in the AM, clear up intime for the 1pm game then start again before the night game. Looks like light showers though. We’ll see.

    Take it from me, weathermen dunno what they’re talking about. (my dad was a forcaster) LOL

  33. I have to admit, A-Rod is probably the MVP. Not because he has the best stats (which he does), but because he was the most valuable to his team. There is no way the Yankees would be anywhere near the Wild Card lead without what he did the first two months. Nobody on that team was hitting, he absolutely carried them. And he’s kept it up virtually all year.

    I love Maggs, and I hope he wins it. But if *I* was voting, I’d have to vote for A-Rod.

    I can’t dispute those who say that whichever team gets in will decide it. I think that definitely plays a role in voters’ minds.

  34. With no offense to anyone, reading game threads after the fact are like being trapped inside a bipolar person. Extreme highs extreme lows. After yesterdays football score I decided to just sit back and enjoy the ride….and what a ride it is! I don’t want to be bitter, no matter what happens this season, with all the remarkable personal achievements so here I am, cheering on the Boys of Summer, and thanking them for a fun filled summer!

  35. As special as Magg’s season has been, barring something unforseen the MVP deserves to be A-Rod’s. I’ll only be upset if any voters vote Maggs lower than 2nd.

  36. Just returned from watching this one in a local tavern…and the place absolutely erupted when Maggs drilled the game-winner…

    Great win and fun to be a fan!

    Now, back to work, because the next two days aren’t going to be easy, but the Bengals MUST win!

  37. That catch in left field? The double play and then the comeback. Haven’t had that much fun watching 1 inning of baseball in a long time. Go Bengals.

  38. I’ll be honest. I closed the gamecast from when the Jays went up 4-1 and headed to the bar…. but as I was at the bar and watching the MNF the Tigers game came across on the ticker and I let out a very loud “TIGERS!!!!!!!!!”. I live in Pittsburgh, mind you. I was doing this at the Cubs – Pirates game as well on saturday.

  39. These are the games the bandwagon jumpers don’t get to enjoy.

    This is the reason baseball is like religion to me.

    Tigers have won 5 of the last 6, are hanging tough in the Wild Card, and need only to keep winning at a .650 clip to surpass the Yankees.

  40. LOL. Thanks for worrying about me Mark of CHi.
    Got coffee, went upstairs, and OF COURSE had to peek. Went back to the game with Curtis up to bat. Started screaming so much my kids thought there was a spider in my room or something. Yep, we are all bipolar here but the TEAM has been kinda bipolar this season so what can we do??

  41. As special as Magg’s season has been, barring something unforseen the MVP deserves to be A-Rod’s.

    Bilfer, Bilfer,…. c’mon Pard Maggs the man around here

    a-rod can hatch eggs for all i care, i’m tired of hear’n about him

  42. There have been a few really, really special games this season. I was fortunate to be in attendance at one of them (July 7). But this game was one of the best. It made me fall in love, so to speak, with these guys all over again. However the season turns, this is the game I will remember about the ’07 season.

  43. Kathy that is the perfect way to put it. You are right. They un-broke my heart. I dragged my kids into my room and made them watch the ninth inning twice (love the DVR) all the while yelling, “How can anyone say baseball is boring???!!!!!”

  44. “How can anyone say baseball is boring???!!!!!”

    tee hee

    it’s all in the eye of the beholder. and at this time of year ya gotta really fight and be buddy-buddy with the bartender is ya wanna watch baseball while everyone else watches 5-yard penalties

    oh , yeah they have 10-yard penalties and 15 yard penalties too. that’s just one of the many things I love about baseball: ya don’t have the penalty calls. yeah ya might get ejected from the game here and there but that’s All Good

  45. Great observation, Kyle, about Magglio’s contribution. I agree, unbelievable graph. Let’s hope we win a couple today in a more conventional manner. We can’t keep pulling these games out of our a$$es…

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