When PTBNL becomes P and other roster moves

With the minor league seasons wrapping up, there’s no time like the present to name those players the Tigers acquired when dealing Mike Maroth and Craig Monroe.

In the Maroth trade the Tigers get back reliever Chris Lambert, who certainly doesn’t have impressive numbers. Lee breaks it down, but the best part about Lambert may be that he’s only 24 and still has time on his side to develop into something useful. So if you’re keeping track, the Tigers acquired Mike Maroth for Bryce Florie and in turn sent Maroth to the Cardinals for roster fodder. In the meantime they got nearly 900 innings at somewhere between replacement level and average production for cheap.

In exchange for Craig Monroe the Tigers pick up Clay Rapada. Rapada is 26 and has struck out better than 8 batters per 9 innings throughout his minor league career. However the lefty has walked 4 per 9 as well. He was placed on the 40 man roster and to make room Aquilino Lopez was outrighted.

Also, Yorman Bazardo, Jose Cappellan, Mike Hessman, and Omar Infante will be part of the roster expansion. And yet Chris Shelton remains marooned in northern Ohio. Bazardo could be in line for a spot start depending on how things shake out in the rotation.

Speaking of which, Virgil Vasquez has been tabbed to start on Friday over Chad Durbin. Not a bad move in my estimation, but it became more of a necessity when Robertson and Miller burned through both Jason Grilli and Zach Miner making Durbin the lone long man in the pen on Friday.

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  1. Has anyone heard or read anything more on the Shelton situation? Does Leyland just not like him, like Chris Spurling [2-1/4.91/1.63] (who, incidentally, may have helped a bit over the past few months of bullpen problems)? Has he pissed someone off or do they just feel that he hasn’t regained his stroke?

  2. One of the things that I love about this site and the postings on it is the occasional mention of a former Tiger from the 80s and 90s that brings back a lot of memories for me. Therefore I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a more recent version of the book “The 995 Tigers” that was published early in the 80s. I guess all of this information is available somewhere on the web, but I am old fashioned and like to have a book for quick reference.

  3. The Tigers really should give Shelton a chance. Their season is over anyway, so getting another look at him shouldn’t be a big problem.

    It seems to me Shelton fits in the Maroth/Thames/Infante category- players Leyland doesn’t seem to want to give a chance to.

  4. I think Leyland overvalues defense, and Shelton doesn’t have the best defensive reputation (although my understanding is that the numbers tell a different story). He just might like how Casey digs out Guillen’s repeated throws in the dirt and doesn’t think Shelton is up to the task.

    But Thames, Shelton, and Infante are all in that good hitter, suspect defense camp, and Leyland probly figures he can’t DH everybody.

  5. everyone just hold onto your bats here. we have some team building to do.

    every game is an opportunity to refine the team and I see a lot of stuff I like going on right now

    Rayburn has been a heck of a good addition and guess what: Santiago plays well at short so we can see what happens there

    Jar did great and I’m sure we want him for starting pitcher but hopefully that shoulder will be Ok we will have to see on that. I ain’t sure how much more pitching Kenny will be able to do and Sheffy too, ain’t good and I worry about them two.

    If Maybin works out it’ll be good to add that much more speed on the bases but Maybin doesn’t throw the energy into the game that Grandy does, or that Pudge does, or Sheffy

    don’tcha just love this game?

    only bad thing is they are starting that ugly game up again which calls all those penalties and we’ll have to fight the bartender about the tv

  6. Am I the only one who is baffled by Leyland’s recent obsession with Guillen at first and Casey on the bench? What is wrong with him? Our All Star shortstop is playing first while our first baseman, who is having a strong season, sits on the bench and Ramon Santiago is at short? It almost seems like he has given up on any chance of the playoffs. Oh, and tonight, while Casey sits on the bench, Omar Infante is DH. Also, why isn’t Brandon Inge being sat with his recent hitting woes? This is insane!

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