The roster shuffle

It became apparent last night that the Tigers would need a fresh arm in the bullpen. And by leaving McBride out to languish, it was also pretty clear the Tigers had no use for him for the next few nights. Plus they became disenchanted with Tata, at least for the time being after last night’s debacle. So they’ve called up Eulogio De La Cruz and Aquilino Lopez.

Now what is screwy is that De La Cruz is up only for tonight and he’ll be replaced by Yorman Bazardo – who has been doing okay in the Toledo rotation – after the game. But Bazardo isn’t coming up to fill Tata’s spot in the rotation, he’s coming to help in the bullpen.

So why bring up De La Cruz for one day and ensure he can’t come back for 10 more? I don’t know. I’d guess it is a rest issue with Bazardo. And why Lopez over Jose Capellan? I don’t know that either. And who will fill in the rotation? I also don’t know but I’d guess it would have to be Virgil Vasquez.

The only upside is that the team is now down to 2 lefty specialists which should give Leyland a little more flexibility.

(Thanks to Kathy for the heads up)

Tata, McBride sent out, Lopez, De La Cruz, Bazardo called up – Detroit Tigers Insider –

7 thoughts on “The roster shuffle”

  1. Perhaps soon to be known as “The Toledo Shuffle”, a new Tiger management dance craze, this smacks of panic. Reminds me of what can happen when you misplace your car keys. As you start freaking out because you can’t find them, the tendency is to keep going back to look in the same place over and over again, even though you really know they aren’t going to be there. It’s the same thing with the recent call-ups. They’ve all been up before, didn’t accomplish anything and were sent back down. I guess the hope is that this time they magically “show up”. I guess we can keep our fingers crossed that something sticks here, but on the other hand this might be round one with more to come.

  2. well, if mcbride spends a looong time in the minors he is surely going to be po’ed at leyland. if mcbride, as a short reliever, hadn’t been sent out for that last inning he would be feeling pretty good about himself today.

  3. Lefties are hitting McBride better than righties; so much for lefty specialist.

    Though he was left out there on numerous occasions that he shouldn’t have been.

  4. Grilli’s 11.57 ERA in August is bad, but Miller’s 13.50 is worse.

    Keep in mind that if DD were to go looking for an arm to replace him, he would want someone with STUFF like Grilli has. I don’t think he’s going anywhere because he CAN throw hard.

  5. An arrow-straight fastball? I’m pretty sure that ‘stuff’ can be found in American Legion ball. I’ve never understood the thinking that everyone in the bullpen has to be a fireballer. I think Byrdak’s best value (next year, probably) would be stretched out as a 2-3 inning or 50 pitch long guy. Especially with so many 96 mph guys in the rotation.

    On a whole other, the Freep reports that Hannahan from Toledo has been sent to Oakland. No word on the return. I don’t think they have much talent at all below the 40-man, so I don’t really see how anything of value comes of this.

    On another whole other, isn’t the deadline to pick the PTBNL from StL coming up? Any rumors who it is?

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