Thames up, Hessman down, Maybin to Erie

Marcus Thames has been reinstated from the DL. Mike Hessman has been optioned to Toledo.

Plus, it looks like Cameron Maybin has been promoted to Erie. I’m working on getting confirmation, but I consider this information pretty solid.

Update: It’s official.

2 thoughts on “Thames up, Hessman down, Maybin to Erie”

  1. I am kind of suprise Maybin hasn’t been promoted to Erie earlier. I saw Dombo speak at an event last December and on the subject of Maybin he said that he would start out in Florida then go to Erie when the wheather turned warm.

    Maybe the injuries and strikeouts have somewhat halted his progress?


  2. I think he would’ve been in Erie at the All-star break but he separated his shoulder which probably set things back a couple weeks.

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