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  1. Wow, I thought for sure people would pick Pudge as face of the franchise. The first big FA to come here to help break the string of abysmal-ness.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Jason Grilli is in fact on his way out. I may be delusional, but I feel it. It’s time.

  2. PLEASE let it be Grilli. But I hope he doesn’t find my email address, I could get a lot of spam for that comment…

  3. Wow, could this really be the end of Grilli’s tenure? I’m looking at the current pitching roster trying to figure who else they would possibly nix. With Durbin moving to the bullpen, Jair must be staying until Kenny returns (he obviously earned that right last night). The other options would be Miner, Byrdak or Seay. I think Leyland is preferring two lefties these days, so that would only leave Miner. Please, please, please let it be Grilli.

    Also, anyone heard any rumblings about what they’re going to do with Monroe. I think they have to trade him by early next week if they can find a taker.

  4. i bet someone goes on the d.l. is the oft-mentioned, never diagnosed tired arm. i don’t see them releasing anyone with the rosters expanding in 10 days. they could make it retroactive to 8/19 with grilli and have him back on 9/3.

  5. Love the Big Tilde blog!

    Maybe speaking of Grilli’s release is like speaking of a no-hitter… so I’m holding my breath.

  6. Well, guess what. It might be Sheff going on the DL. He won’t be in the lineup tonight and may go on the DL according to Rotoworld. This could get real interesting.

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