links for 2007-08-13

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  1. Saw that the other day. Was surprised the Tigers didn’t rank lower given the bullpen’s performance. Presumably, the team’s offensive performance has offset the bullpen blowing games.

    Given that the team’s scored the 2nd most runs in baseball, though, that’s a lot of “offsetting” for the bullpen to do.

  2. The real story for the Tigers here is that about three weeks ago, the number of Game Score QS would probably have been around 45 or so, compared to the 50 on August 12. The starting pitching has been that bad in QS since the July 17-18-19 sweep against the Twins.

    Another intersting feature at BaseballMusings is the Sortable Day-By-Day Data Base.

    Select Tigers Pitchers from the list with the dates July 20 – August 12 and scroll down to the bottom of the chart where the starters are compared to the relief pitchers. Interesting!

    For fun check out Yankees hitters from the same period.

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