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  1. Just dismissing the rumors is probably the road I should have taken rather than ranting about it two days in a row. But the specificity of that first rumor just unnerved me.

  2. A friend just called me and said Neifi’s been banned for 80 games for testing positive for stimulants again. Dude needs to switch his coffee brand or something.

    No wonder the Tigers were so desperate to get Wilson.

  3. $14 mil is an expensive no-hit-good-glove backup. How in the hell did Jack Wilson get that kind of money in the first place? No wonder the Pirates are terrible.

  4. I guess that’s what Neifi meant when he said that there would be “more coming out”.

    Neifi is no great loss, but we do need someone, anyone to fill that role. The drug taint is bad Juju for the clubhouse. Even without a 2nd positive I think we need to cut the cord with him.

  5. Yeah…that is unbelievable…Monroe, Jurrjens and all the contract. I would expect the less of the contract Detroit would pick up, the better the prospect, but not something like that for Wilson. I feel if we are really looking for next year, we could do better or even try in the winter meetings to get him, not at a deadline for a back up SS.

  6. Neifi’s gotta be the dumbest man alive…. nothing like killing your entire (shaky) career by an immediate repeat offense.

  7. I just read about it. I wonder if it was “coke”. Maybe he’s a crack head. He obviously either doesn’t care or he has a habit.

  8. The last I heard is Santiago is out with a broken finger, as is Hooper which is why the Tigs are appering desperate.

  9. On reading the article about the possible trade…. that is absolutely absurd. How did they even suggest that? Jesus.

  10. Morosi in the Freep on Wednesday:

    “Dombrowski said he would be willing to call up Michael Hollimon from Double-A Erie in the event of an injury at the major league level.”

    That’s pretty desperate. Holliman’s numbers at Erie this year: .370/.471/.279

  11. Kathy! You of all people! Weren’t just chastising someone last month for bringing up Monroe’s shoplifting escapade? I hate Perez too, but a crackhead?! Whoa…
    Boy, between this and Sheffield’s bellyaching about ‘The Man’ while getting chance after chance in the majors–the ultimate meritocracy–and making $170 Million playing baseball by the end of this contract, this team is getting less likeable by the day.
    I think it all started with Kenny’s postseason pine tar deal with the devil.

  12. I don’t think Hollimon is that desperate. A 370 OBP and 471 SLG is pretty impressive for a middle infielder who skipped a level this year. Translate that to the pro’s and he beat Wilson while making the minimum.

  13. I agree Billfer that Holliman’s numbers are pretty good. But “translate that to the pros” is the key. Throwing a kid like this with no experience in the bigs from Double-A into the middle of a playoff race seems dicey.

    And to be clear, I am not trying to cheer on an acqusition of Jack Wilson. I’m just concerned that this team, as configured now, may not have the tools necessary to get back to the post-season.

  14. TBone:

    Clevlen did a fine job for us last year despite struggling in AA. The important thing here is relative output. Jack Wilson will not be the difference between making or missing the playoffs. Nor will he determine in any way how far we make it in the playoffs. Therefore, any price higher than Jason Grilli is too much.

    We’re talking about a backup here… we can worry about the heir to Guillen’s throne in the offseason. If we’re going to trade away good prospects, we’d better get help where we need it now – in the bullpen. We can survive with Infante/Hollimon/Santiago backing Carlos up…

  15. “awful” ? why all the agitation over SS? Yeah, Guillen got 21st error yesterday and that ain’t good but he’s also batting .311

    OK, we gotta have some backup. Ya could put Omar in but ya ain’t got no hitting power there and that ain’t good if ya need 10 runs to win on .

    now I ain’t sayin’ make a permanent change or nothin’ like that — but hey – maybe play a little here and there with Hessman at 3b and Inge at SS see what happens

  16. “that other guy” syndrome

    why is it we are always looking over the fence and wanting to bring in some ace from someplace

    we got good players and it makes good sense to work at playing our best

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