Jurrjens to DL

Jair Jurrjens was placed on the DL with shoulder funniness. No tear I guess, and Jurrjens was shut down last year with some neck stiffness – but that was sustained in a car accident if I recall. It doesn’t sound serious, but the cautious route is certainly in order. Tearing a labrum would be devastating, and even a compensation injury from altered mechanics should be avoided.

Zach Miner is back with the team and in the pen. It would be normal rest for Virgil Vasquez to pitch in Jurrjens next turn on August 31st, but another roster move would need to be made. (Miner could be optioned out for a day I suppose). Or it could be Chad Durbin getting another turn.

Beck’s Blog: Shoulder inflammation for Jurrjens

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  1. I’m pretty sure Jurrjens was kept out of the AFL because of problems with his shoulder last season. That has me concerned, but I don’t know what that means going forward. I’d imagine with his size and now repeated shoulder issues you’re going to hear more questions about whether he can hold up as a starter for an entire major league season.

  2. Yeah, I think you just pop Durbin into the rotation and Zach Miner will fill his old role. I always thought of them as the same pitcher anyway.

  3. from the Official Tiger page 8/26

    While Leyland admitted he isn’t the ultimate authority on Bonderman’s recent struggles, he said that the lack of a third pitch would be his reason for the issues if he were an impartial observer.

    “He has two very good pitches, but you have to be able to throw a swing-and-miss changeup,” Leyland said.

    this matches my observations pretty close

    chat happens to Bondo though is that that viscious slider — is — outta the strike zone generally

    now that’s gonna work if ya got the guy 0-2 but on 2-0 it’s death: it means ya go 3-0 and then what? throw the fastball? yeah that’s what the hitters are wait’n on and that’s why it’s “Bombed again”

    Bondo will have to learn to throw something besides the fastball over for a strike. And like Leyland sez, ya gotta have a change to go with that fastball and — I think — a good MLB pitcher has to have a good curve too that he can throw for a strike and that he don’t hang too often

  4. Durbin and Miner are pretty similar. Good movement on their pitches; effectiveness depends on whether they throw strikes.

    I think Durbin could have had a really solid year if he wouldn’t have been bounced between the rotation and the bullpen. I say give him a spot in the rotation and don’t take him out unless he pitches his way out of it. Miller and Jurrjens can split the other spot based on health; I believe Miller’s getting close to the point they’ll have to shut him down anyway.

  5. Bill, you get a guy with only 2 pitches when you jump him from A ball to the majors. Look forward to seeing the same from Andrew Miller down the line. You can’t develop a 3rd pitch on the job in the majors, it’s improbable.

    Bonderman could have been at this level by the time he was 22 had he spent 2-3 years in the minors. Instead, he’s had his growth stunted for no reason, in my opinion. And the same thing is happening with Felix Hernandez in Seattle.

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