Jair Jurrjens to start

The Tigers will reach down to Erie for their Wednesday night starter. They’ve tabbed Jair Jurrjens to take on the Indians. Jurrjens has been on quite the roll allowing just 2 earned runs in his last 3 starts. He’s fanned 24 over that 23 inning span.

The safe roster move would have been to go with Virgil Vasquez. With Jurrjens coming up a spot will need to be cleared on the 40 man roster, but Kyle Sleeth could be let go without much hassle. The only other issue is that if the Tigers send Jurrjens back down to the minors, they will burn an option year.

Nonetheless I’m excited to see what Jurrjens can do.

Jurrjens to start Wednesday in Cleveland – Detroit Tigers Insider – MLive.com

12 thoughts on “Jair Jurrjens to start”

  1. I have heard a lot of good things about this kid. He is 21 years old or around that, and has some good pitches.

    All this young talent it is definitely a good time to be a Tigers fan.

  2. I’d be interested to see if they do send him down afterwards. Maybe he takes over Durbin’s spot in the rotation after Miller and/or Rogers comes back and Bazardo or Lopez go back to Toledo?

  3. I kinda wish they would have given Trahern a try, though Jurrjens is the hot hand. I just feel that Trahern’s groundball tendencies would have made him a better gamble for the start.

    I am excited to see Jurrjens pitch though. Hopefully he cacn surprise the Indians and come out and have a solid outing.

  4. Sanchez was part of the package for Sheffield. He’s missed most of the season after surgery, I think.

  5. When exactly are the September callups? Can he just stay on the roster until then? If so, will we not need to use an option year?
    I’m going out on a limb here and will feel like a real dumbass if it’s September 1.

  6. It is Sept 1, so you’re correct that if the Tigers keep him up until then, they won’t burn the option year.

  7. one thing is very clear and that is we gotta make some changes in the pen. basically we gotta have a couple backup starters in there guys we can call on when the scheduled starter goes south.

    Is everyone ready for the 1st inning tonite? Bondo is starting.

    Maybe we should have Lopez start and send in Bondo in the top of the 4th?

  8. JJ’s still learning to pitch but he gets the job done and I’m sure he’s soon gonna be a dominant starter.
    Curacao N.A

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