Game 128: Yankees at Tigers

PREGAME: The Tigers take another crack at Roger Clemens who they had no trouble hitting last week, they just had trouble scoring. The Tigers mustered 10 hits in 6 innings, but only 2 runs thanks to 8 strikeouts which all seemed to come with guys on base.

For the Tigers it will be Andrew Miller making his fast start since going on the DL on August 4th. Despite the great stuff, Miller struggles a little to put guys away and his lack of command can lead to hefty pitch counts. He hasn’t recorded an out after the 5th inning since July 6th.

I’ll be heading down to this game, and hopefully the result will be similar to when I saw Clemens pitch against the Tigers last year.

Who’s your Tiger tonight? I’m going out on a limb and going with Brandon Inge.

Game Time 7:05
NYY @ DET, Friday, August 24, 2007 Game Preview –

POSTGAME: You know you got your money’s worth when on the way home from a game you start to ponder where it ranks in terms of the greatest games you’ve ever witnessed live. When you’re doing at at 4:00am, you know it’s a special situation.

First things first, thanks to all of you for the awesome comments throughout the game last night. I was reading them on my Blackberry throughout the night and was amazed so many of us were toughing it out together.

On to the game, I made several good decisions last night. First, I had an unused ticket and was really debating taking my 6 year old son. I ended up not doing it, because while I love him to death and love going to games with him, this was the first time since Opening Day I had plans to go with my friends and I just didn’t want to be a dad that night. Second, we took a couple cars to the game because one friend had commitments in the morning and we didn’t know how late he’d want to stay. Worked out great with the one friend being able to leave at 8:30 when he recognized any baseball would be way late. So those staying were happy to be stayinig, and no one had to leave prematurely.

The theme for the night was pretty much, “there’s weird s*** happening tonight” and that held up throughout the game. Witness:

  • Placido Polanco makes an error. That never happens.
  • Pudge battles back from an 0-2 count to take a walk. That never happens.
  • The game started at 11:05.
  • Jason Grilli pitches not only a scoreless inning in Comerica Park, but he does it uneventfully.
  • Pudge took another walk. Intentional and all, but still.
  • I’m drinking coffee at a game in August – normally an activity reserved for those cold nights in April or September

So there we were at 2:30 in the morning concocting the most improbable ways for the Tigers to pull this off. Like having the Tigers load the bases against Mariano Rivera and then have Inge come through. Well, that one got half way there, and only some bad luck kept it from coming through.

Still the crowd stayed, and sure it was whittled down after a while. After that 10th inning the numbers really dwindled and I said to the usher, this place looks like 2003 right now. But it sounded much louder. And at that point everyone had formed this big kind of friendship, the kind of friendship that can only come from staying at a ballpark until ridiculous hours of the morning as everyone individually questions their sanity for staying and yet being too afraid to leave and miss something. It was kind of like one of those West Coast Red Wing playoff games that goes into OT, and you think to yourself “I can’t quit now, I’ve made it this far.”

Fortunately for those who stayed, they got the pay off. After a nice walk by Polanco it looked like a hit and run sign was missed with Sean Casey up and Polanco was picked off. And the Tigers went from a runner on 1 out situation to a 2 out none on situation. As so often is the case, the next batter gets a single after the runner is wiped off the bases.

I was imploring Leyland to pinch run for Casey, figuring that a gapper would go to waste with Casey on the basepaths. Instead Leyland stuck with Casey who managed to go first to third with relative ease on a blooper. Setting the stage for the Carlos Guillen. When he hit it I didn’t know if it was gone. I just new it was well hit and I didn’t care if it were a homer, I just wanted it to get over Matsui’s head. When it landed on the roof of the bullpen it was euphoria, it was relief, it was “I get to go home now, but I’m not tired anymore,” it was so worth it all.

I know the above thoughts are incoherent, but I’m working on a couple hours of sleep right now. For the bullets:

  • I saw a player hit triples in consecutive innings as Granderson hit #20 and #21 which were the 4th and 5th that I’ve witnessed in person this year.
  • Chants of MVP rang out with Ordonez at the dish, and on a night where he was a triple short of the cycle he certainly continues to build his case.
  • When Jason Grilli came into the game, they announced him and instantly cut to very loud music making any boos that may have been there indistinguishable. And Grilli certainly earned some cheers with his performance.
  • Cameron Maybin is fast. Really fast. He stole a base on a pitch out and it wasn’t even close.
  • Can’t say too much about the strike zone from my vantage point, but the players on both teams didn’t seem to happy.
  • Lots of very patient at-bats tonight, and it paid of with 8 walks.
  • Andrew Miller, still not efficient with 100 pitches thrown in 4 1/3 innings.
  • As long as the game went, the bullpen should be okay for today with only Fernando Rodney and Tim Byrdak being unavailable. Everybody else just went 1 inning. Hopefully Bondo can go 7 or 8 strong though so that Leyland doesn’t have to dip too far in.
  • Brandon Inge had some very nice at-bats tonight, picking up 2 walks and a hard luck line out with the bases loaded. What are ya gonna do about that one?

I don’t know if this win will be the start of something or not. No matter how exciting last night was, the team could still very well be gassed tonight and have a hangover. Regardless, the hometown team gave the hometown fans a memory for a lifetime on a stormy August night. The nice thing is that because they won we can debate signature wins and such, instead of lamenting “why did they even start that game and do that to the fans.” Funny how one swing can totally change your feelings about an evening.

440 thoughts on “Game 128: Yankees at Tigers”

  1. I’m going with Pudge. Pudge will walk tonight and have at least 1 RBI. No passed balls.

  2. I’m also going with me. I’ll down 15 beers, 5 shots, and have at least one lengthy conversation with a mediocre looking girl. No hangover.

  3. Enjoy the game Bilfer and don’t worry too much about the pitch counts – remember, they’re not that important. And while you are out on that limb, take Mr. Inge with you. Please.

  4. A few open ended questions for conversation starters. . . Who is the leader of this team? What is going on inside the locker room? Are things blowing up in there yet? Seems like every article I read has the same tone, that we’re a good team and things will turn around. All in a very calm tone, not worried, no need to change anything. Someone in that locker room (not Leyland) needs to light some serious fire under these guys, tell them to play with some passion.

  5. brandon inge is definitely *not* my tiger tonight. he has slowly but surely eroded my confidence in him.

    i’m going with maglio.

  6. Might see a game delay due to the stormy weather heading east towards Detroit. We had a quite a downpour about an hour ago and its still extremely cloudy.

  7. I think I’ve gotta go with Leyland. He’s gotta be well rested after the nap last night, so his moves should be better today. I see Casey and Maybin (assuming they play) coming through tonight on the field.

  8. My Tiger is Bob Wickman! He was DFA’d by the Braves. Let’s do the same to Grilli and swap bad relievers!

  9. I went to post this but since I put links in, it’s requiring moderation so it won’t post until when Billfer moderates it, which is after the game. So…

    Also, don’t know if anyone wants to know this but I’ll post it anyways.

    Baseball Prospectus’ Playoff Odds reports have us at the following percentages:

    The Original odds forumla has us at 27.82% to win the division, 3.76% to win the Wildcard, 31.58% to make the playoffs.

    The Pecota Adjusted odds have us at 26.28% to win the division, 3.99% to win the wildcard, 30.27 to make the playoffs.

    The ELO version odds has us at 25.28% to win the division, 1.42 to win the wildcard, 26.70 to make the playoffs.

    Let the optimism reign down. I need a win tonight.

  10. Danny Knobler says that Thames is hitting 3rd since Casey wasn’t working out there.

    CF: Granderson
    2B: Polanco
    1B: Thames
    DH: Magglio
    SS: Guillen
    C: Pudge
    RF: Raburn
    3B: Inge
    LF: Maybin

  11. As posted earlier it will probably be around 8:00 or so, BTW, Rod isn’t feeling well and Mario and some other guy are doing the broadcast. Guess yesterday’s game was too much for him to take.

  12. Well, if they can’t get up for Roger Clemens and the Yankees, they have no business playing this game. I say this is the night that everything gets turned around. From now on all our starters turn into aces, the bullpen becomes unhittable, Maggs stays Maggs, Polly stays Polly, Guillen turns it up a notch, Thames hits a HR every other game, Granderson learns how to hit lefties, Casey hits another HR, Rodriguez takes a walk, and Inge even finds a way to contribute. Leyland unscrambles his brain and pushes all the right buttons, the Tigers win their last 35 games and cruise into the playoffs. How’s that for optimism?

  13. Watching on MLB Extra Innings. It looks like we’ll get the Yankee broadcast crew on the Extra Innings package instead of Mario and Rod Allen’s fill-in. I followed yesterday’s game on ESPN Gamecast at work. Let’s hope for a much better result tonight. My brother in MI went to the game yesterday. He watched Inge closely and said the guy is losing interest in playing. He said the Tigers were pull-happy hitter hitters and that Zum’s fastball did not get over 95. If the rains stops, we’ll find out a lot about the Tigers tonight.

  14. Rod must have been sickened by yesterday as much as we were.
    Still looks like it’s raining pretty hard. yankees broadcasters suggesting at least 30 minutes away.

  15. Kathy is the grounds crew taking the tarps off or putting them back on? MLB Xtra Innings is not very good about updating the situation at all.

  16. It hasn’t been raining for the last 10 minutes. The tarp is still on the field. I can’t believe they aren’t making a decision one way or another.

  17. 1105 start time. I’m thinking we’re going to see a big strike zone tonight. Can’t wait for post game fireworks.

  18. Paul in Ca had it right…….well played…I came home from an extended post work happy hour thinking I missed the game…and low and behold…I have a WHOLE LIVE GAME TO WATCH……we better win now

  19. I just started thinking….what was the last extended rain delay when playing the Yanks? After Game 1 of the ALDS….we were down 1-0, had lost 5 straight to blow the AL Central…….maybe this little rain delay while playing the Yankees can get us going again like it did then!

  20. Still quite a few fans here considering. I’d say 15k. Just spoke with an usher who said they can’t start an inning after 1AM. This is teetering on the ridiculous.

  21. Great minds think alike Jim! If they can’t start an inning after 1AM, why the hell are they doing starting the game? Might as well play a DH tomorrow, they basically are now anyway.

  22. 4 hours of watching Jim Leyland, Dave Dombrowski, Kenny Rogers life stories. I’ve almost got them memorized.

  23. And the futility of our offense shows…I wonder when was the last time we scored more than five runs in two consecutive games :\. This is about as bad as I’ve seen the Indians play recently, with opportunity after opportunity gone by the boards. Any time we got a runner on third base, the next batter immediately either popped the ball up or struck out on three straight pitches. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life…two months of baseball in which you average like 3 runs per game. I’m amazed we’re still even above .500.

  24. Well, friends, my daughter and I went down there, stupidly I saw the clouds but did NOT go into the little burger pub on Woodward and Grand Circus at 6:40, no we went into the park and ended up having to stand WAY TOO CLOSE to lots of strange people for a very long time. (Hey Billfer was that you? LOL)
    Finally stayed long enough to get into our seats, thought maybe a 9:30 start would be reasonable, but then they re-covered the mound and it started to rain again and I just could not do it. Every Yankees series there is a monsoon on the night I have tickets. I think this is really unsafe for the players, and unfair to fans. They could have played two on Sunday or Monday.
    Kathy, I had to laugh, I was on the phone with my parents letting them know we were safe, and getting updates from them, and my mom told me that they were watching a “very interesting program about Dave Dombrowski!!”

  25. Polly’s streak is over – bummer!

    Nice toss by Pudge and Miller looked good in the 1st. The crowd that’s left sounds loud, too.

  26. call it wishful thinking, call it blind optimism, call it whatever you want, but I have a feeling about the way this game is setting up… that come Sept/Oct, we’re going to be talking about that night late in August when we played till 2 or 3 in the morning, and the energy turned the season around. Of course we still have a game to win, but it just feels right

  27. The whole game is going to be sloppy. Too late, rhythm off, tired, it will be a miracle if there are no injuries incurred. I’m really kinda angry, there was no way I was going to sit there til 2 AM or more with a 13 year old, after having been at the office all day to start with. I feel as if they owe me a game, I’m a supportive fan and they are going to be accruing interest on my playoff ticket money for a month too!! Between yesterday and this evening, ugh.

  28. Heads up play, Paul. You’re right.

    I think Billfer was standing next to that Asian girl who caught the ball.

  29. Well, that’s it. I need to stay away from the ballpark I guess!! I can’t stay up, thank goodness for Tivo.

  30. Seriously, this is last chanceville. You look at who the Royals were sending out a rehabbing starter–a guy with about a 60 pitch count–and beats Sabathia. We have to take advantage!

  31. I know this is a family website, but what the hell!!? He swung at ball six. Can we not give him the take sign? It’s just beyond ridiculous.

  32. Clemens threw 8 pitches to I-Rod – 7 of them were balls. I am so sick of that guy flailing away at whatever is dished up there.

  33. Agreed on Pudge, totally changes the complexion of the inning. If Pudge would just take the walk he KNOWS he can get easily. They’d have one on and nobody out. Clemens would have to pitch from the stretch, maybe they start a rally. But heaven forbid he take a walk, get on base, and actually see a good pitch to hit in the next at bat.

    Pudge is costing the Tigers runs, almost every single game. The frustrating thing is, in his case, its something he has control over, something he can easily change. But he chooses not to. I bet his approach at the plate has cost the Tigers at least 10 games this year.

    I think Pudge would rather have the Tigers lose, than have the Tigers win whilst he takes a walk.

  34. I agree about Pudge too…imagine how many more scoring opportunities the Tigers would have if he took a walk every now and then? That forces the starter to make more pitches too. Instead, though, Pudge strikes out and Clemens saves at least three or four pitches.

  35. Great job Maybin(hey Ivan, did you see that?….. learn anything?), Cameron refrains from swinging at pitches outside of the strike zone, which leads to a walk, which leads to Clemens pitching from the stretch, and Curtis has a great AB, tripling home Maybin! A rally has commenced!

    Ahh…and Polance hits to the right side of the infield for an RBI….nice!

    That’s the way its done

  36. Miller got tired of the two-out walk and decided to get right down to business this inning with a lead-off walk.

  37. Miller showing his potential and his maddening weaknesses.
    How great would it be to enter playoffs with TJ-Zoom-Rodney 7 thru 9 innings and Miller as lefty specialist?
    Miner or Durbin as the long man.
    11th slot goes to Seay.
    No Cheeseman.
    Of course, that would involve Rogers getting healthy.

  38. Ok, I’m not an early hook guy and I’m a big Miller fan, but you gotta pull him here because a). he hasn’t pitched in the majors in 20 days b). he’s a kid c). it’s the yankees.

  39. Stephen – I’m with you, as long as the right is anyone other than Queso man. B/c we all know it’s not, I’m for Miller in the 5th.

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  41. Whatever else happens tonight, we shall mark this miracle sight of Pudge standing at 1st courtesy of a good, old fashioned base-on-balls.

  42. LOL! …Stephen

    and Inge follows up with a free pass of his own……

    and the earth didn’t rotate off of its axis?!?!

  43. I can’t believe that I’m about to type this….

    Those 2 runs wouldn’t have without Pudge’s (and Inge’s) patience at the plate. The inning would have already been over.

    Nice work.

  44. Okay – I guess I’ll have to change my pick, Granderson is now my Tiger. Amazing what a walk can do for team, Pudge…

  45. These games are going to be the end of me. Can we keep a lead for at least one-half inning? Is that too much to ask?

  46. man that delay was just too much for me tonight… here’s to hoping i wake up to pleasant news and a box score that makes me happy

  47. Also, Santiago saw that Guillen throw and upgraded to the suite at the Mariott. “Hey Mom, go ahead and send me all of the boxes. Yeah, I’ll be here for a while.”

  48. And Thames swings at first pitch. Tigers last half inning already forgotten, much like season 7 of Dallas where it all turned out to be a Bobby Ewing dream.

  49. You know, I always wondered who buys the $2 necklaces being hawked on the beach in Cancun.

  50. Hey, I’m running to the store for reinforcements? Beef jerky, Cap’n Crunch, and maybe some Diet Mountain Dew. Anyone need anything? Maybe a difribillator?

  51. OK,

    I have resolved this in my mind. Even if this team loses every game the rest of the year, They have still had a nice run over the last 2 years.

    In addition, Dombo is building a heck of an organization. The best days are still to come.

    It is still a heck of a lot better than 2003.


  52. My keeps shutting off, anyone else having this problem? I restart and it’s fine.

  53. I’m taking a friend from England to his first baseball game Monday. Man, I hope the Tigers can at least make a good show of it for him…

  54. Who is the Tiger bully? Paws?

    Okay, I’ll be the bookie. Line is NYY -1 for the rest of the game. Who’s in and for how much?

  55. No Joba tonight. He pitched an inning their last game. According to the Yankees, for every inning he pitches, he gets a game off. I’m sure we’ll enjoy him tomorrow and Monday.

  56. The Tigers website says Rick Porcello arrived Friday and will be with the team this weekend. Rick only started watching Tiger games this summer and his dad is/was a Yankee fan.

    I give up. Maybe if I don’t watch, they’ll win.

  57. Roger, thanks for the info. With the new info I’m moving the line to even. I’ll bet a cold Lone Star beer on the Tigers.

  58. Pudge AND Brandon talking walks. Wow! Soooo sad that that’s all it takes to excite me from those two…

  59. And they’re bringing in the Wild Thing…Wild Thing, you make my heart sing, you blow everything

  60. And the Tigers are bringing in the Wild Thing…Wild Thing, you make my heart sing, you blow everything

  61. That’s all they really need, AB’s like that, the rest will fall into place if they just continue a balanced, patient approach. Make the pitchers throw a pitch you can drive every once in awhile. They’ve got skills. Keep this up, and the runs(and subsequently, wins) will come in bunches.

  62. JML…don’t worry…my Indians lead the Majors in that undesirable category…every time we get RISP, we 1. pop the ball straight up 2. strike out on three pitches 😀

  63. Anyone else hear the fan yelling “sellout” in the background? Genius. That guy is my Tiger.

  64. U gotta love Granderson going “Kelly Leak” a la Bad News Bears on Raburn with that fly ball.

  65. It’s 6 to 6 in the 7th. Even giving up a lot of runs; they look like our Tigers. I’m happy. Joe in Montgomery- I could not agree more.

  66. Holy @#$%! did you see Grilli after that inning! I like this guy a lot better now, because I think he might be crazy!

  67. Add it to the list of strange events tonight: Grilli does not give up a run!!

  68. Nice….

    although that will just reinforce Leyland’s delusion that Grilli is an effective pitcher(no offense Jimmy, you’re still the best!)

  69. Thames and Pudge in death struggle to see who can have crappiest OBA in entire American League. Uh, this is why Thames doesn’t play every day.

  70. A little disparity between the stadium radar gun and the Gameday radar gun. 101 on the stadium/TV one cmompared to 98 for Gameday.

  71. When my two year son woke up a few minutes ago and was confused why I was watching the “GoTigers” in the middle of the night, that was my cue to pack it in.

    It’s been a fun night, even if we end up blowing yet another one.

  72. Still no Rodney…this is an interesting move. Maybe Leyland wants Seay to take care of Cano and Abreu?

  73. Good morning from Germany (8.a.m here)

    Ryan S wrote ” When my two year son woke up a few minutes ago and was confused why I was watching the “GoTigers” in the middle of the night, that was my cue to pack it in.”


    That’s my usual gametime watching here in Germany.

    Just get out of bed and my first look was, if the Tigers game was played after this long delay…..very astonished that they are still playing.

    Huge out and Damon strucks out. Great. Come on Tigers, please, make it.

  74. Davidson runs Posada for arguing strikes! Sweet! (BTW Posada had a point. Davidson’s strike zone has moved all night. I have no idea what he will call)

  75. My Tigers tonight:
    1) Bill Davidson
    2) Heckler behind home plate
    3) Paws
    4) Detroit Tiber Weblog – approaching 300 comments

  76. My Tigers tonight:
    1) Bill Davidson
    2) Heckler behind home plate
    3) Paws
    4) Detroit Tiger Weblog – approaching 300 comments

  77. Interesting they didn’t send Melky, I wonder if it would have violated ‘the code’ since Jeter clearly was at fault there for not getting out of Pudge’s way.

  78. That’s ok Inge, 0 for 2, but 2 walks, that’s .500 OBP, I’ll take that any night from my #8 hitter.

  79. That is unbelievable. What a choke artist. I sure hope Casey enjoys the next month or so, cause he ain’t getting on any major league charters next year.

  80. Hmm didn’t Casey pop one up in the same type of situation the other day against the Indians? And to the same spot in right field too?

  81. Rodney is officially BACK. I’m convinced. Joel, please follow suit. And now, time to face their closer. Gosh, thanks Sean…

  82. MLB Xtra innings just cut out on me. Any west coasters experience the same thing? Happened at Midnight my time.

  83. Props to Inge, smacked that ball hard, just unlucky it was right at someone. Those will usually find a hole.

  84. I sure hope Monday’s game isn’t like this, my buddy the Brit will hate me forever! What’s the weather forecast? 😛

  85. Yeah, all the people living downtown must be sick of all the lights and noise! Oh, on the other hand…

  86. Wow,

    Was I glad to get through that .5 inning. I actually like Durbin. He has been yanked around this year (rotation-pen-rotation-pen), but has pitched decent.


  87. On Gamecast now. *&(*(^^%((($$$ MLB XTRA Innings went out at Midnight my time. I’ll follow along here as well.

  88. From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in Detroit now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Guillen’s Day.

  89. Wow. Joe Torre has been a genius all night long. Why in the world he would pitch to Guillen instead of Pudge is beyond me. That’s just nuts. We’re playing at least twelve innings if he just walks Carlos.

    I’ll take it.

  90. That was one of the best games I’ve “watched” on gameday before.

    Was the home run a no doubter?

  91. I wonder if I can get the Brit to put his shirt over his head. I’ll just tell him its a long-standing tradition… 😉

  92. That was fun. The fans were tremendous. If this doesn’t inspire the players, than nothing will. And how about that pitching. What a relief. we didn’t use Zoom or Jones. Unbelievable.

  93. Thank goodness that pick on Polly did not effect the outcome of the game. You could tell he was real upset in the dugout. I particularly enjoyed the F-bomb Pudge dropped when he smacked his hand on Jeter’s bat. He gutted it out and stayed in the game. That a boy, Pudge.

  94. Just got back from the game, now is 4:50 in the morning… was it worth it! Was so cool to see that many fans there that late, it felt like the good old days when the real Tiger fans were the ones that showed up at the ballpark (aka, pre-last year)……

    What a game! Now lets take this series!

  95. JML wrote “I wonder if I can get the Brit to put his shirt over his head. I’ll just tell him its a long-standing tradition…”

    Brit. Soccer Fans don’t wear Shirts 😆 (please, send him (my) greetings from Britains best (soccer-) friends, the Germans 😉

    Ah, just forgot: Thx to the Royals. Althoug CC pitched a complete Game they won.

  96. Great win and outstanding performance by the pen. Let’s hope that this gives the guys some momentum to start a good streak.

  97. OMG, we won? At 3:00 I took a couple zanax and konked out. It was still the 9th inning. OMG, we really won. In extra innings?
    Did Billfer stay and watch the fireworks show or was it too early….sun starting to come up.

  98. Kathy,

    You missed a couple nail-bitting innings ladden with missed opportunities… but in the end, we prevailed.

  99. Today Jim Leyland should rally this team around the dedication of those diehard fans in attendance till the end. They believed…. Comerica nearly FULL at 3:30 A.M. in the morning. Children sleeping in their parents arms, fans weathering a multitude of rain waves at all hours, and yet they stayed. Since 7:00 pm. They all believed…

    If that’s not a dedicated fan base, I don’t know what is. Do you honestly think the Oakland Coliseum would be full at 3:30 in the morning?

    I hope Jason from Somewhere is right. This could be a win we could build off of.

  100. Just enjoyed the game on Tivo, if I were younger and didn’t have a million Mom-responsibilities this weekend I would have loved to have stuck it out. Billfer, per your comments I am never taking my daughter to another ball game. lol. go tigers!!

  101. I thought for sure they were canceling the game so I went out at 10 pm and missed it all. I’m bummed. But watching highlights + comments here + Billfer’s wrapup and I feel like I watched it.

    Huge, huge win. Please win tonight so at the least, the season’s not over even without playing Sunday/Monday’s games.

    Told you there’s still hope!

  102. just curious, as I have only been reading for a year or so…what is the record for posts during/after one game?

    btw, nice Henry V reference Stephen. clutch performance in the blog’s hour of need.

  103. 434 comments! Wow!

    Just woke up about a half hour ago after arriving back in Lansing about 5:45 a.m. after the game.

    And my 6-year old and 3-year old sons made it through the whole game–albeit unconsciously for the last 2-3 hours.

    Great recap, Bilfer. I’m going to print it off and save it for the scrapbook.

    Amazing statistical comparison of the night:

    Roger Clemens: 5 IP, 6 H, 3 BB, 6 R, 3 K

    Tigers bullpen: 6.2 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 0 R, 6 K

    Will post a few photos later. For now, I have to cram for my fantasy football draft. Luckily, the other owners in my league were all at the game, too.

    Go Tigers!

  104. How about the part where the whole crowd was chanting “Ro-ger, Ro-ger” like he were Patrick Roy at the Joe? Great stuff.

  105. I love you guys and all these crazy comments — just read through all of them! I fell asleep at the 9th inning, kept dreaming about all the different possible outcomes… of all, I believe this was the best one!

    God I wish I was at the ballpark. Going tonight and Sunday, maybe we can do a repeat!

  106. WOW that’s alotta comments.

    I stayed up and watched it from bed last night almost all the way till 330.

    I actually turned it off at 1am since I had to work this morning. 1:30 rolls around…eh if I turn it on I’ll watch till 2am…2:30….3….YES!

    Amazing game.

    To top it all off, I was late to work this morning because I slept in. HA!

    I’m off to tonights game, come on BONDO!

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