The 5th Inning

Sam has been running reports on how the Tigers do over each 18 game period (or inning). He’s been kind enough to let me post games 73-90, aka the 5th inning:

The 5rh Inning is over.

Each 18 games represent 1 inning of a baseball season. The Tigers record so far in each Inning:

                                       Starters:               Bullpen:
    W-L   RS-RA   HR-SB-AVG/OBA/SLG    W-L-IP-   ERA       W-L-S-ERA
1: 10-8   86 -79  17-9 -235/313/380    5-2-110.2-3.66      5-6-8-4.68 
2: 13-5   112-97  23-10-308/377/518    9-3-102.1-4.84      4-2-8-5.03
3: 7-11   110-96  26-7 -310/364/517    7-7-110.2-3.99      0-4-3-7.80
4: 13-5   136-75  20-5 -324/390/508   13-4-103.0-4.37      0-1-2-3.47
5: 11-7   91 -79  23-20-272/357/443   10-5-112.0-3.46      1-2-7-3.33 

The offense has finally tapered off and averaged only 5 runs/game. For the 1st time since the first inning they batted under 300 and slugged under 500. The 357 OBP was pretty good for a 272 BA.

Sheff continues to rake with 5-13-390/500/695 with 9 (yes NINE) SBs. Sean Casey is finally performing like the Tigers thought he would with 1-9-380/458/560 (6 2Bs). Thames is making the most of his opportunity with 5-13-289/312/689. On the flip side Magglio has come back to earth 1-7-254/342/317. Inge’s toe has heeled, but he is back to his old ways but without power 0-5-211/297/263. Infante was 3-28 with his 1st HR. Monroe was 0-4-119/174/143 in 42 ABs.

Both the Bullpen and the Starters had their best performance, 16 unearned runs and 21 errors indicated a team wide fielding slump. The best starter statistically was Bonderman 2-1-2.10era-30k/30innings. Verlander was 3-1 but had a 4.50 era. What was weird is the fact that he gave up only 22 hits, 8 walks, and 3 HRs in 26 innings (with 29Ks). Miller was 2-2-3.13era (18k/23inn). Robertson was 1-0-4.32era. Rogers was 2-1-3.86era. The bullpen’s ERA was 1.90 without the 11.1 innings thrown by Byrdak, De La Cruz and Grilli. Chad Durbin threw 11.1 innings (2.38era). Miner and Seay were perfect for 10.1 combined innings. The new guys, Capellan and McBride combined for a 2.31era in 11.2 innings. Jones had 6 saves with a 3.12era.

11-7 and a better performance by the pitching staff was an encouraging sign. The next 17 games come in 16 days with only 3 coming at home. It will be a tough stretch, but the Tigers have proven to be a very good road team.

-Sam Hoff