Rogers to the DL, Jordan Tata’s back

Harrumph. Kenny Rogers hits the DL with elbow inflammation. Jordan Tata starts in his stead tomorrow. I’m actually working on a post about Rogers using enhanced gameday data as we speak.

Beck’s Blog: Rogers to DL

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  1. You know as long as we have everybody back for the playoffs we should be fine but geez this has been a rough season this year for all our pitchers. I’m glad no one on our core lineup hasnt had that big of problems…(crossing fingers and knocking on wood).

  2. This is exciting. The Tigers have always been really high on Tata, and its cool that hes not gonna be in the minor for 27 seasons like Andres Torres.

    Hope he does well.

  3. Anyone wondering if Tata is getting the start as a last minute audition for a possible trade? Sounds like Vasquez just pitched, but wasn’t JL actually leaning toward Bazardo for the double header game last week. I think they went with Vasquez because Bazardo had just pitched. Maybe this move is based totally on pitching rest, but you never know. (we can dream can’t we?)

  4. “You know as long as we have everybody back for the playoffs ”

    In my best NFL coach’s voice (mora maybe)- PLAYOFFS!?! PLAYOFFS?!? … We can’t even win a game.

  5. Danny Knobler wrote today:

    “Rogers didn’t tell the Tigers until today that he couldn’t pitch Monday. By the time they found out, Virgil Vasquez was already starting this afternoon’s game for Toledo, so Tata (who was scheduled to start for the Mud Hens Monday night) was an easy choice.”

  6. A few things to note. Vasquez was limited to 80 pitches today, despite throwing pretty well. Also, I’m pretty sure once you’re sent down to AAA, you have to stay down there for ten days. That’s probably why they had to go with Tata for Monday. It sounds like they just found out about Rogers and Bazardo just pitched yesterday.

    So, hopefully that puts the trade speculation involving those three to rest, but if you like that sort of thing, there’s alway Gorkys and Hollimon each being pulled from their respective games in the fifth inning. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t really care if they traded Vasquez, Tata or Bazardo and I’d be pissed if they moved Hollimon or Gorkys. (Of course, what they received in return would temper how much I’d be pissed, if at all.)

  7. Thanks for the info Kurt and Matt.

    I’m still going to hold on to hope that there’s more to this than appears. If nothing else, I gotta think about something besides this atrocious series we just played.

  8. Matt, I get that Gorkys is very toolsy, but he’s putting up a .283/.338/.363 line in Low-A ball. I know that he’s young on top of being toolsy but his numbers are horrendous on the road. I just think the system right now is:


    Everyone else. I don’t think Gorkys is too untouchable, nor should he be.

  9. I’m banning myself for two games for my insensitivity. That was lame of me. In my slightest defense, I scanned nexis/google/local papers before making my insensitive remark and found nothing about Miner’s dad. I’m assuming you guys heard it on the radio broadcast or elsewhere. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday.

  10. Matt, far as I recall, a guy who is sent down to the minors can be called up to replace a guy who goes on the DL, regardless of time period. This issue has come up already this season for the Tigers.

  11. Dickerson was talking about it and one of the 1270 shows mentioned it too. You are correct though, I couldn’t find anything in ‘print’ about it.

  12. Thanks Kurt. I hadn’t read Knobler’s column when I tried to explain to myself why they wouldn’t have pulled Tata out of yesterday’s start to go tomorrow.

  13. I think it may be time to re-think how we manage the pitching staff. The day of the Starting Rotation and the Bullpen may have come and gone with the lowering of the mound and the addition of the DH.

    Combine the Starting Rotation and the Bullpen into the Pitching Staff and have each pitcher pitch through the opposing line up one time and one time only. Then hand the ball to the next man. This should get everyone more appearances and shorter drills and may help keep everyone sharp.

    “For Discussion”

  14. Mike R

    Like I said, they could temper my frustration by actually getting somebody good in return for either Hernandez or Hollimon. I’m not saying Hernandez is a sure thing, and I tend to believe nobody is untouchable, but as somebody who follows and writes about the minor leagues every day I’m kind of rooting for them to not move some of the few players in the system I’m actually excited about.

  15. Yeah get what you’re saying Matt. I would like to see him develop into something great but I’m not sure what the odds of that. Seems every team has a toolsy Latin American youngster in their system that never pans out. I’d be stoked if he became a Felix Pie-like player (note: I haven’t seen him play, so this comparison is probably wayyyy wrong… who would you compare him to possibly?).

    Plus, I like your site. I’m starting to frequent it semi-regularly.

  16. Bill A. – I wouldn’t want to be the first team do away with it, but I’ve often wondered why the starter/reliever dichotomy has persisted as well as it has. An awful lot of pitchers, even starters, get tired after a few times through the order and are at their best if they only pitch a couple of innings at a time (though some, e.g. Bonderman, seem to have the opposite problem and have to pitch for a while to settle down). It’s possible that it would require more than 12 pitchers to do this effectively, though I’m not sure. The other issue is that if you have a pitcher who can dominate an entire game, you want to let him do it. But yeah, I think that someone will try this sooner or later.

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