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  1. Reposting a bit of my 7/14 game report @ Safeco in Seattle with regard to Granderson…the kid is AWESOME. And it’s really good to hear that Maybin’s willing to do whatever to help the team, as I’m sure Curtis feels the same. The Tigs are a winner for the first time in a LONG time, and they all want to keep it that way.

    My Tiger? Grandy — and it’s not even close (tho I love em all). He came over and chatted with me (yes, with his glove on his head) and a boatload of other Tiger fans (surprising number in attendance) and signed autos for 10-15 minutes before the game. I complimented him on his blog, said it makes for good reading, and for his interest/support of Brian Bluhm and his family after the VT shootings. He is/was SUPER classy and friendly, and no matter what happens with Maybin and CF over the next few years, I pray he’s a guy we keep around, as genuinely good people are an asset to a team that you can’t measure by stats (oh, and he’s 7th in the AL in SLG%). Told him to go out and have a good game…so he hits the 4th pitch of the game out to Rt Center. I take credit for that.

  2. I read the ‘Sean Casey has earned Tiger everyday 1B role.’ And actually the entire argument is that Casey has the role by default. I agree we’re compensating at other postions, but to say a slow first basemen with a slugging % hovering around .400 has earned everydaty role is pushing it a bit. He’s been adequate and works on this team, but we have to look elsewhere for 2008.

  3. I loved Darnell in 1986. Then he started airmailing everything he threw from 3rd and his hitting quickly went down the toilet. I remember feeling bad for him.

  4. Hey, maybe Curtis can teach Cam Maybin how to hit line drives. You feel me, billfer?! 😉

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