Jose Capellan optioned out

The Tigers optioned Jose Capellan to Toledo to make room for Virgil Vasquez to start tonight. Capellan was one of the 3 pitchers in the Tigers pen who actually has options. Apparently that takes precedence over performance because Jason Grilli would otherwise be the odd man out.

Tim Byrdak has joined the team and will be added to the roster after tonight’s game when Vasquez is optioned back to Toledo. Byrdak was awesome early on for the Tigers, but was awful in his last 3 appearances with 7 runs on 9 hits and 2 homers in those 4 innings of work. Hopefully that was the result of injury and not general ineffectiveness.

Capellan sent down, Byrdak returns from rehab – Detroit Tigers Insider –

3 thoughts on “Jose Capellan optioned out”

  1. Aaaaaaaaagh! How many times can Grilli scrape by? He’s just plain not good enough to be on this team.

  2. Double aaaggghh! Capellan has made some mistakes but when he was out there I felt better about seeing a few strikes.

    Home Run Derby for our side tonight, I hope.

  3. Jason Grilli is clearly going to have to be worse then he’s been to be DFA’d, so I’m not surprised. And this was the whole point of swapping Ledezma for McBride and trading for Capellan; bullpen help and roster flexibility.

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