Happy Birthday to DTW

Is it okay to refer to DTW in the third person? I know it’s not really a person, but after 6 years it feels like it has a life of it’s own. That’s right, today marks the 6th birthday of the blog.

I’m not going to say a whole lot since I just did a “site news” post. But six years in the blog-o-sphere is a pretty good run and I’m quite proud of what the site has become.

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  1. 6 years? I feel like a rookie with my 1.5 years of tenure.

    This is THE BEST baseball (I could expand that and just say “best sports” and it’d still be correct) blog on the web, billfer, and you’ve created a great community for us to all come BS in. Thanks for all you’ve done.

    Here’s to the Tigs, and 6 more years of DTW. /cheers and thanks.

  2. Bill, DTW is the first place I go for Tigers news every day. You do an incredible job keeping us all up to date on the Tigers. And your analysis is always correct!


  3. A big congratulations and an even bigger Thank You for all the great work that you do… this has been part of my daily routine for a few years and I wish continued success..

    A great day today… DTW birthday as well as the best record in the ML ( i think )

  4. Six years is one hell of an impressive run, Bill. You deserve praise for getting in early on this blogging thing and sticking with it until the Tigers became a team worthy of your attention and affection.

    Congratulations on the longevity, as well as the community you’ve created, and for being the inspiration for many other sports bloggers that have gotten in line behind you.

  5. Thanks for your work and dedication, Billfer, and congrats for all of the flattering recognition. You deserve it.

    Thanks also to the rest of you for making this such a fun Tiger “community” – especially for those of us living at a distance from Detroit.

  6. Wait a minute. There were blogs six years ago?? Why was I not informed?

    But seriously, good job. You must have been the first, right? It must have taken real courage to write about the ’01 Tigers.

    (I was at a Mud Hen game a few weeks back, and I saw a guy in a Dean Palmer jersey. Wanted to hug him. Those were some rough times.)

  7. Hilarious comment about the Palmer jersey, Matt!

    I have been reading the blog since May and actively participating for less than a week. I look forward to reading it every night and I check it before I check my email. In my opinion, that is a testament to the content and the community.

    Thank you bilfer for a job well done and Happy Birthday DTW.

  8. Great site. Never blogged before. Now I can’t stop. Lots of informed and opinionated Tiger fans who understand and appreciate the history of this franchise.Best fans in all of sports come from or identify with the Motor City. I’m glad some of them support Mr. Bilfer’s creation.

  9. Congratulations from Germany

    Great Site. Although I am not so active in posting (some posts from me in the last season, that’s it), your blog is a must-read for me every day. When you check the IP’s…yes those from Germany are mine 😀

    6 Years of DTW. Great job, well done, Bilfer

    Greetings from Germany to all Tigers Fans.

  10. Billfer, your dedication is incredible, and you deserve the success.

    We’re lucky to have the DTW. Few fans of other franchises have such great sites to call home.

    Happy Birthday DTW!

  11. Congrats Bilfer. I only wish I had discovered you earlier. Baseball info/discussion on the internet has come a long way and sites like yours are the reason.

    Thank you for your dedication to the site.

    (sidenote: I’m a different Ryan than the previous poster. Didn’t want anyone to think either of us were blogging redundantly…)

  12. Great work Bilfer, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site a few years ago. I’ve tried other Tigers blogs but this is the only one I consistently read. This one is the best!

  13. Billfer,

    I only recently discovered your site but so far it’s a lotta fun!
    Happy Birthday, and many more.

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