Game 96: Royals at Tigers

PREGAME: And the homestand is over today. For the Tigers it will be Nate Robertson who is coming off of his best start of the season in Minnesota. He’ll take on Brian Bannister.

Bannister has been the mark of consistency going at least 5 innings in his last 11 starts, and allowing 4 runs or less in 10 of them. His biggest asset is keeping the ball in the park with only 7 homers allowed on the season – and 3 of those came in his last start.

Game time 1:05

: Seeing as I missed wrapping last night’s game (a little up North time) I figured I just knock out the series here. In all, blah. But not at all unexpected. I just had the feeling that the Tigers were pretty burnt after the Twins series. I don’t mean to imply they played tired or without effort. That’s pretty hard to judge on TV regardless and any effort without a lot of offense can give that impression.

Plus, the Royals are playing really good baseball right now as they cleaned up on the road in Cleveland, Boston, and now Detroit. The Tigers were just out played, plain and simple.

  • As for Todd Jones, I read the ire in the comments. Early in the year Jones was getting hit hard with regularity, and/or he was walking people. That wasn’t the case Saturday night. He was mostly ahead in the count and was inducing weak contact. The weak contact found holes, and so did some decent contact. It had nothing to do with the size of the lead. Jones isn’t a strikeout pitcher, and that’s what happens when you don’t have strikeout pitchers.
  • Craig Monroe looks to be getting back on track. He had 3 big hits the last 2 days, but still left quite a few on base with pop outs or strike outs. Still, production is better than non-production. And I was happy to see him start today over Timo Perez.
  • I thoguht the Tigers would get to Bannister today when the first 3 hitters all reached full counts. At the very least I thought they might get him out of the game. And even after a 7 pitch 2nd inning, the first trip through involved 5 full counts. But that was about it, and when you measure offensive production in terms of full counts you can tell it was a slow day.
  • Brandon Inge had been on quite the roll with highlight plays at the corner, but had a miscue on Saturday night (not coming home on a slow roller) as well as throwing a bunt away today. But he redeemed himself on one account with the walk off homer.
  • I admittedly only saw parts of today’s game, but whenever I’d come back into the room it seemed that the Royals had a man on third base. Nate was pitching in stressful situations all day today.

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