Game 89: Tigers at Mariners

PREGAME: It’s game 3 of the 4 game set and it will be Kenny Rogers taking on Miguel Batista.

Batista’s peripherals aren’t that impressive. A 5.9 K/9 and a 1.55 K/BB ratio won’t really wow anyone, but he does have 3 straight quality starts. Gary Sheffield should be smiling tonight as he comes in hitting .346 with 5 homers in 31 PA’s against Batista. Looking at Batista’s splits, the key is to jump on him early. The OPS against is 868 the first time through the lineup, and it drops to 738 the second turn.

For the Tigers Kenny Rogers looks for his 4th straight win since coming off the disabled list. The thing to watch tonight is his endurance. He went from 75 to 84 to 95 pitches in his first 3 starts. He has had plenty of rest with the All Star Break, but he also hasn’t really had a chance to get stretched out yet either.

Placido Polanco returns to the lineup tonight and Marcus Thames will start in left field again. Otherwise the lineup is full of the usual suspects. Pudge Rodriguez was suspended one game, but he isn’t serving that tonight as he hits 6th.

Game Time 10:05

DET @ SEA, Saturday, July 14, 2007 Game Preview –

: A pounding headache and 3 straight West Coast games have me feeling out of it, so this’ll be real quick:

  • The first game of the series and the last game before the break the Tigers kicked the ball around. Last night and tonight the defense was quite exceptional – with Brandon Inge turning in 3 highlights over the 2 nights.
  • Of course there was an error tonight, but that was from Kenny Rogers who really hurt his cause. Between the error and the walks, and the grand slam, it really was a defense independent pitching performance.
  • Rogers is typically a ground ball pitcher, but there were a lot of balls in the air tonight.
  • Bruce Froemming is basically a cartoon at this point. But he was pretty consistent, so I won’t get too upset. Kenny couldn’t get calls on the edges of the strike zone which will make for a long night.
  • Batista didn’t look that tough, at least from my viewpoint on my couch in Michigan. But the Tigers couldn’t really touch him.
  • Actually, Granderson, Sheffield, and Rodriguez seemed to hit him pretty hard. Just not enough fell.
  • Still, the Tigers put up a couple runs in the 8th. And Raul Ibanez made a very nice running catch that saved putting the tying run on 2nd with one out.