Vance Wilson done for the year, Roman Colon suspended

Not much in the way of good news for the Tigers today with Vance Wilson undergoing surgery and Roman Colon undergoing suspension.

Vance Wilson

So Vance Wilson finally gets a multi-year deal, and he’s going to spend the bulk of it on the DL. After spending 2 1/2 months trying to rehab his elbow, he underwent Tommy John surgery today. He will be out for 9 to 12 months.

Fortunately Mike Rabelo has proven to be a reliable back-up. Unfortunately, that’s one more element of depth that isn’t available. Let’s hope Rabelo and Pudge can stay healthy.

Roman Colon

I can’t imagine that Roman Colon had a lot of margin for error. So an off field altercation that results in injury probably did nothing to enhance his chances on the team, even one desperate for bullpen help. He’ll be suspended for 7 days.

I figured that the Tigers were hoping Colon could be a no-cost option to at least give a try in the bullpen, and possibly one of the reasons the Tigers have waited to make a trade. Eulogio De La Cruz may be the benefactor of this incident, as he’s strung together 3 good outings in a row for Toledo.

UPDATE: The Freep has more on the incident, which took place in the clubhouse. It appears that Virgil Vasquez, Kevin Hooper, and Jordan Tata all played different roles, but Jason Karnuth paid the biggest price with what amounts to a broken face. Colon was the only one suspended and had this to say:

“I should not be the only one suspended,” Colon said. “Why would I be suspended when they were calling me a (expletive) to my face?”

Asked why he believes he was the only player suspended, Colon said, “When they called people into the office to ask what happened in the fight, there were no Latino people in there. So, I was alone.”

Nice knowing you Roman. At least Zach Miner has panned out from the Kyle Farnsworth trade.

5 thoughts on “Vance Wilson done for the year, Roman Colon suspended”

  1. And I thought Latino players were easy to control!

    Maybe Sheff needs to spend some time with Zambrano and Colon.

  2. Remember when Ugeth Urbina had an “altercation” on a team flight (if I am remembering correctly)?

    Yeah, I don’t think we will see Colon in a Tigers uniform after he is done serving this suspension.

    Course, if we were to come out of any trade like we did when we dealt Urbina (Get Well Soon Placido Polanco) that wouldn’t be too shabby of an outcome, would it?

  3. Who would want Colon? I don’t know if they’ll be able to trade him, maybe as a throw on with Maroth or Robertson, but I don’t know who’ll they’ll get for 2 nearly 30 year old pitchers.

    How long as Colon been down there anyway? A week or two? Sounds like the clubhouse wasn’t too fond of the “new” guy.

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