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  1. “And if he keeps hitting the ball as hard as he is now, and as often, he just might give A-Rod a run for that MVP trophy, too.”

    Give A-Rod a run??? Are you kidding? This guy makes it sound like it is A-Rods’ to lose. I think its the other way around. In my opinion it belongs to Mags as of now.

  2. If Maggs can keep this pace up and lead the league in hitting, has close to 125 RBI’s and the Tigers win the division, no matter what A-Rod does (assuming they don’t make the playoffs) I don’t see a way you could give it to anyone else other than Maggs.

  3. It depends on what you value for the MVP. I though Ortiz should’ve been the MVP last year, the red sox collapse be damned. If you’re factoring team success, Magglio’s the front runner right now. If you’re not, and I don’t, I think it’s A-Rod’s award.

    Rodriguez is slugging 53 points higher, Magglio won’t hover around .380 all year so their OBP’s will even out (and even at that, there’s only a 30-something point difference due to Magglios insane average right now) and A-Rod has more RBI’s on a team that has scored less runs then the Tigers.

    Close and Late Situations:
    ARod: .317/.370/.732, 5 HR, 16 RBI, 8 K’s, 3 BB’s.
    Maggs: .271/.340/.458, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 12 K’s, 5 BB’s.

    My vote is for A-Rod.

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