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  1. It is pretty amazing that Bonderman is at .500 for his career now. Nice that Maroth has picked up some wins this year to pad his career record, too, despite not pitching all that well.

  2. Wow, the sins of that dreadful season in 2003 are silently being washed away.


    Here is to moving on up over .500 and staying there for the rest of your career, Bonderman.

  3. I mean the Tigers dodged some bullets with Juan not signing that contract and also the 2004/2005 Free Agent Class. They went hard after Pavano/Beltre/Tejada/Burnette and those guys not signing, especially Pavano, was a blessing in disguise. This franchise had some good fortune by Juan and Pavano not signing, but after 13 losing seasons, they were due some breaks.

  4. Don’t forget the only reason they got Guillen is because Rich Aurilia decided to sign with the Mariners instead. They made a pretty good (for him) offer to Steve Finley as well, if I remember correctly.

  5. Yeah, exactly Matt, things could have turned out much differently with this team was the point I was trying to make. Guillen coming out of nowhere to be an offensive force, Verlander/Zumaya/Granderson developing as fast as they did. Even Maggs and Pudge, at the time they signed, were risks…but they both turned out great…especially Maggs. If Maggs doesn’t start in the All-Star game, it would be a shame. Everyone vote as much as you can.

  6. Tigers fans should say a small thank you to Juan everyday for turning down that ridiculous contract

    Every February 10th, I sit down with a shot and a beer while I write out a little thank you card.

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