Game 61: Mets at Tigers

PREGAME: The Tigers look to rebound after an uncharacteristic offensive funk. In fact, it was their first shut out of the season.

They’ll have their work cut out for them as they take on Oliver Perez. The 25 year old left hander is striking out nearly a batter an inning, and only walking a third that many. Plus, he’s gone 7 or more innings in 5 straight starts. The Tigers have stacked the lineup with righties with the exception of Sean Casey who is 11 for 24 lifetime off of Perez. Surprisingly, right handed batters have a lower batting average and the same on base percentage as lefties against Perez. However, they slug for about 50 points more than the left handed counterparts.

Jeremy Bonderman has been pitching like a man on a mission since coming off the DL. He’s allowed only 3 earned runs over 21 innings spanning 3 starts. He’s also received a ton of run support, though he didn’t need it. In those 3 games the Tigers have plated 35 runs.

Game Time 3:55

POSTGAME: The bats came through for Jeremy Bonderman again, and he and the bullpen needed every last run. Regardless, it was nice to see the offense back again. It was a tiny strike zone, and the Tigers did a good job taking advantage of that working 5 walks off of Perez and one off of Guillermo Mota.

  • One day after I mention that Carlos Guillen doesn’t look quite right, he responds with a 3 run first inning tater and a ground rule double.
  • I don’t know if it was Perez’s control problems, Magglio Ordonez’s eye, or if the Mets noticed that Guillen had been struggling and were thus more tentative with Maggs. In any case he came up with 3 walks – and tacked on one more double.
  • Jeremy Bonderman looked great for much of the game. The first inning run was a fluke, and he responded well. He was efficient and had the Mets off balance. That’s what made the 7th inning so surprising.
  • The middle guys in the bullpen were good enough. That’s about all I’ll say. Wil Ledezma did get some big outs when he absolutely had to.
  • Todd Jones was making his first save appearance since the debacle in Cleveland – and he looked terrific. He threw strikes, and even picked up 2 K’s. Jones actually induced 4 outs that inning.

This was a fun one, and even last night despite the results was a great game. It’s been a treat to watch these 2 teams these first 2 games.

Tigers 8 Mets 7

40 thoughts on “Game 61: Mets at Tigers”

  1. Carlos goes deep!! If this team can ever get its pitching/bullpen straightened out and healthy, they are a force.

  2. Well, those are his only 2 hits so now he’s 2 for 16 with 5 K’s. I’m not dogging him, just stating facts.

  3. Why would you insert Granderson in the top of the sixth? i don’t think it’s a bad idea, but it seems completely random. If you”re resting the guy, don’t you save him for pinch hitting or the ninth?

  4. OK, seriously. I can understand going to the Giants game when Bonds is actually one HR away from tying or breaking Hank, but he’s still at 746. We don’t really care right now.

  5. Anyone who thought this one was over at 8-3 hasn’t been watching the Tigers this year.

  6. Well, maybe that’s what he needed. I really think Ledezma is on a short leash. They wouldn’t release until everyone got healthy, but he needs to show he can get crucial outs.

  7. An extra run would be nice. I’m nervous as hell with Jones coming in. Karros sure has been a Tiger fan all game.

  8. I’m not a big fan of this ump. Squeeze city…

    Wow…nice play for that third out huh? Are you kidding me?

    Now we get to watch Jones pitch to Delgado. This is stupid.

  9. Dave – I agree that Karros needs some improvement, at least he regularly knew how many outs there were.

    I do feel that Karros was a bit of a Tigers homer today, maybe some old venom for the Mets?

  10. I think we’re all missing the most crucial event of this game: Pudge’s THIRD walk of the season! He’s probably pretty angry at himself tonight for being so passive.

  11. Polanco swung and missed a lot today, by polanco standards. I think he’s still hurt. Those are balls he doesn’t swing and miss on when he’s 100%.

    I’m tired of Pudge’s lack of patience. This Brandon Inge impersonation is getting tiresome.

    Eric Karros and Dick Stockton are added to my growing list of “broadcasters that I never want to have to sit through again.” Can we get a petition to never be on national television again? I was longing for Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, and that’s really, really sad.

    Bondo looked unreal for most of the game. Jones was awesome (reminded me of the Jones in the final game at Tiger Stadium, since i just watched those videos on youtube the other day again when he had 2 K’s and K’d Beltran for the final out in the ol’ ballpark).

    I think this may start the endless walks for Magglio. Hopefully he doesn’t get impatient.

    I understand that Grandy is horrendous against LHP, but you know what? Oh well. Put him in the lineup. He’s got to learn to hit LHP at some point and Cleveland doesn’t baby Grady Sizemore who struggles against LHP as well. I’d much prefer Granderson leading off everyday/as much as possible.

  12. DetNews headline:

    “Guillen homers, Bonderman sharp for seven innings and bullpen preserves tense victory.”

    Not sure if Bondo giving up 3 hits in the seventh qualifies as ‘sharp for seven innings’ or if bullpen actually ‘preserved’ tense victory or merely survived it.
    File under: So Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

  13. Mike R:

    “I’m tired of Pudge’s lack of patience. This Brandon Inge impersonation is getting tiresome.”

    Inge is actually fairly decent at working walks – his OBP is almost .100 points higher than his BA (as opposed to Pudge, who has an OBP .10 points higher than his BA). He just looks impatient due to so many of his outs being from K’s rather than contact.

  14. I noticed the Polanco swing and miss thing too. So is it weird that after he does swing and miss so much that he goes 4 for 5?

    There are reasons for missing when you swing…especially without two strikes. If you notice the ball isn’t where you want it and you don’t want to ground out or pop out, you can pull your arms a little and miss it. It’s just, with so many people having such a hard time actually making contact in the first place, that wouldn’t really make sense.

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