Tigers Minor League Wrap – 5/10/07

Toledo 2 Rochester 1
Ryan Raburn picked up a double for one of the Hens 3 hits. Chris Shelton continues to struggle with 3 K’s as part of an 0 for 4 night. Yorman Bazardo pitched 8 shut out innings. It was kind of a weird stat line with only 2 hits, but with 5 walks and 6 K’s. Usually that means a 6th inning departure because of pitch count be made it through 8 on 107.

Erie – DNP

Lakeland – DNP

West Michigan – DNP

UPDATE: Sorry about disseminating bad information. I checked milb.com this morning quickly, and for each of the other leagues it said there was no scoreboard. It seemed fishy, but I was in a hurry and didn’t probe deeper. All the stats are in the comments. Thanks to Mike G for picking up the slack.


  1. Mike R

    May 11, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Damn. Shelton K’s so much. I’m still convinced he’s not the answer at 1B for the long term.

  2. Mike G

    May 11, 2007 at 1:55 pm

    The lower minors Tigers teams did play. This is more of a writeup of individuals instead of teams but:

    Bazardo 8IP 2H 0ER 5BB 6K
    Season: 40.1IP 23K 3.79 ERA 1.31 WHIP 1.53 K/BB
    Live arm but has very weak peripherals. Still young and games like this are very impressive. Outdueled Slowey. Mixes in great starts like this with less thrilling ones.
    Shelton 0-4, 3Ks
    Ouch, not what he needs to be doing. Star keeps dimming.
    Raburn 1-3, 2B
    Still the best hitter Detroit has in AAA right now. On fire in May: .394/.500/.818 3HR, 3SB)
    Clevelen 0-3
    Season: .200/.296/.288, 47K in 33 G
    At least he didnt strikeout…..
    Hannahan 1-3, RBI
    Season: .256/.377/.360
    Starting to heat up a bit in May, but hes old for the minors (27) and has no real projection left in him. If he doesnt hit soon he’ll never be more than AAA roster filler.

    Bonine 7IP 8H 4ER 1BB 2K
    Season: 36.2IP 23K 3.19 ERA 1.12 WHIP 5.75 K/BB
    Knuckleballer with a decent fastball. Not a great start but not terrible either and came away with the win. Only 23 Ks, but also only 4 BBs this year. Very intriguing propect I’ll be keeping a close eye on. Tigers have a lot of intriguing arms in AA.
    Kirkland 2-4, 2B, 2RBI
    Season: .281/.330/.448
    Again no Ks and he’s really driving the ball well in May(.937 OPS). 7 game hit streak with only 4 Ks
    Larish 1-4, 2Ks
    Season: .259/.354/.537
    Again not much to speak of from him, but I still really like his bat.
    Hollimon 1-4 RBI, K
    Season: .253/.390/.455 21/24 BB/K
    Didnt do much today. Good eye, decent power. Not real young (24) but moving through the system with consistant OPSs in the mid-.800s.

    Maybin 1-3, BB, RBI
    Season: .292/.424/.487 25/41 BB/K in 32 G
    Good to see him draw a walk and not strike out today. Lined out once but his single was a ground ball up the middle. 2 groundballs, 1 line drive today.
    Justice 0-3, 2BB, 2K
    Season: .295/.389/.536
    No hits but the two walks are nice. Still a guy to keep a glancing eye on.
    M. Hernandez 1-3, 2RBI, 2K
    Season: .304/.362/.598
    Old for the league, but starting to really hit in May (1.148 OPS). Just thought he was worth noting.

    Castro 7IP 4H 2ER 0BB 5K
    Season: 32.2IP 20K 2.20 ERA 0.98 WHIP 2.5 K/BB
    Hard luck loss, but a good outing. Needs to get his K rate up, and tonight was a decent step. Still far away and not young.
    Gorkys H. 2-3, 2B, R, BB, K, 2SB
    Season: .330/.398/.408 14SB, 10/17 BB/K in 28G
    Good game overall. Extra base hit is nice. Still showing good contact skills.
    Sizemore 1-4, 2B
    Season: .206/.352/.314 18/14 BB/K in 30G
    Still making contact, one fell for a double, two other flyballs were caught. Still hitting very badly.

  3. Mike R

    May 12, 2007 at 3:22 am

    I haven’t seen Maybin in person (even though I’m like 40 mins from Grand Rapids and I never saw him play last year), is his penchant for GB’s because he’s pulling off the ball or what?