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  1. David

    May 19, 2007 at 4:15 pm

    Here’s an interesting tidbit

    Magglio 2005

    82 games played/305AB/38runs/17doubles/8hrs/46rbis/30bb/30ks 98 total bases

    Magglio 2007

    40 gp/149ab/33runs/20doubles/9hrs/38rbis/23bb/20ks 98total bases

    Safe to say he’s finally healthy?

    So far… he is making a case for MVP.

    Alex Rodriguez 2007
    40 games, 155 ab, 35 runs, 9 doubles, 15 hrs, 3 steals, 16bb, 33ks, 102total bases

    Maggs is on pace for
    158games/589AB/130runs/79doubles/36hrs/150rbis/91bb/79ks 387 TB

    On a side note, where is Brandon’s D? Last year he was making’ or at least fielding almost everything that came his way, this year not so… I still think he’ll come around.