links for 2007-05-10

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  1. This is a really interesting article. An intuitive way to look at infield defense. Be sure to check out the graphs for each team in the PDF linked at the bottom of the article.

    The graph for the Tigers indicates (1) fielding was very good at 1B, 2B, and 3B last year and (2) Guillen’s range is quite limited compared to other SSs (or, as in last night’s game, he throws poorly when he’s run a long way to get the ball). Surprisingly, Tigers pitchers seem to have been below average in turning ground balls into outs.

  2. Very interesting. Looking at the Tiger’s graph certainly makes a good argument for the value of Inge’s defense. It’s interesting how good he is on balls down the line, but how he’s closer to average on balls hit right at him (sound like a familiar refrain on this site?). But by that graph, it looks like he made about 15% more plays down the line than average. That’s a lot of doubles turned into outs. Polanco looks great across the board in this study.

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