Guillen Day to Day

Carlos Guillen is now day to day with a groin strain. He left tonight’s game and the Tigers will now be relying on Neifi Perez and Omar Infante to man the left side of the infield.

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  1. lol….that cracked me up…perez actually hit the ball deep for an out today…he does suck….the amazing thing is we need him right now…

  2. In happier news, there are 11 Tiger pitchers now with a lower ERA than Dice-K. Man, I’m glad I didn’t have him and Alex ‘I make Brandon Inge look like Mike Schmidt’ Gordon 1-2 in my ROY quinella. Gosh, Gordon’s got nearly 200 ab’s and eight rbi’s! He’s no George Brett. Or Ken Brett.

  3. lol, the hits keep on coming.

    On the brightside, if we manage to avoid a complete tailspin, we’ll come out of the injury madness with the kind of swagger that comes from killing off a long 5-on-3 penalty.

  4. Stephen: I wouldn’t be writing off Alex Gordon just yet. He’s hitting 20 points higher (granted it’s still just .195, haha) But his .301 OBP with a sub-.200 avg is good news. Not to mention the small fact that he jumped from Double-A to the big leagues. We only need to look to Wily Mo Pena to see how much that can kill someone’s growth as a player. In retrospect, he would’ve been better served starting in Triple-A and the Royals could’ve reasoned it by “no need to rush him, we have Mark Teahen who turned into the player we thought he’d be” and the fans could’ve bought into that. Gordon, though, will be fine, I think.

    Anyways, Guillen hurt and Inge hurt. I was getting my wish of seeing Omar at 3B and Inge out of the lineup, but now to have Guillen out too is just a killer. When it rains, it pours.

  5. I don’t want to be a negative nancy but. . .

    Our left side of our infield consists of Omar Infante at 3B and Neifi Perez at SS. Our bullpen has Jason Grilli pitching in the 7th inning, and Jose Mesa in the 8th, and the hittable Todd Jones in the 9th. Sean Casey has 11 RBIs in 160 AB’s as the everday first baseman. Mike Rabelo has just under 40% of the RBI’s Casey has despite only having 47 AB’s. Brandon Inge still hits in the low .200’s and has struck out 49 times in 189 plate appearances which is 25% of the time, or once every 4 PA’s. So essentially 1 time a game. Craig Monroe K’s at a 26.2% clip, so 1 out of ever 4 PA’s, or once a game. Casey hits 6th in our lineup. Monroe 7th. Guillen’s hurt so the bottom half of our lineup is now:

    Neifi Perez in the 6-9 spots of the order.

    We just got swept by the division leaders and lost 2 of 3 in Tampa Bay and this 4 gamer in Cleveland will conclude 13 games in 13 days in which we flew over night from Detroit to Tampa, Tampa to Cleveland, our 8th inning man (Fernando Rodney) went down, Brandon Inge went down, Carlos Guillen went down, on top of losing Rogers and Zumaya for months, and putting Jose Mesa into late inning, close games.

    I don’t know if anyone else has fully comprehended all of this. It all just hit me.

    And yet, we’re 30-21. Is there a more vulnerable 2nd place team that’s not in the NL Central (That division doesn’t exist)?

  6. 2nd place not for long. The Twins are rolling and have shelved the Ponson-Ortiz experiment.

    You are right Mike R. When I looked at our sked before the Red Sox series, I was thinking h*** s***, here comes the test. By some stroke of luck, we managed to take the Angels series. Unfortuantely, the test came when a good portion of our guys are out sick. So, mostly we learn nothing about the Tigers relative to the “other” AL powers and drop back in the pack with a nice hole to dig out of.

    Let hope this doesn’t continue or the Tigers just might be out of contention by the end of July.

  7. I believe we’re starting to overshoot ourselves when it comes to pessimism, considering this team is knocking the cover off the ball, three starters had an ERA under 3 in May (and against some pretty decent offenses) and the bullpen, while not good, cannot possibly be as bad as it has been performing. Now, I’m not saying everything is peachy.

    But I do think saying “out of contention” by July is pushing it when it appears no one in the east or west is going to challenge (and don’t tell me Seattle is) for the wildcard in their current conditions either. The Twins are not head-and-shoulder above the Tigers, and I think by now we know the White Sox aren’t a very good team.

  8. The first three months of George Brett’s career after he got the permanent callup weren’t that good (OPS under .600). Which is about where Alex Gordon is right now, except Brett’s splits had a BA above .200 and less K’s, so they at least look better. Brett got hot in August which salvaged his year somewhat.

    Gordon is 2 walks away from reaching Brett’s rookie year total of 21 (in 133 games).

  9. I’m with Kurt. My biggest concern is that we haven’t taken the opportunity to put more distance between us and the Yankees. At some point, New York will make a run toward the wild card slot.

  10. The Yankees also found out Phil Hughes is lost through the end of August. He had the worst grade of ankle injury — I forget if he was a break or sprain — so it set him back 10-12 more weeks.

    So, that certainly is a setback for them.

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