Game 30: Tigers at Royals

PREGAME: The Tigers are looking for their second series sweep in a row and to build on a 6 game win streak. They’ll be sending out Chad Durbin, who is looking to rebound after spending the better part of his last start looking for the plate. Durbin walked 6 in 3 2/3 innings in his last start.

He’ll be taking on Zach Grienke who was pretty impressive in 3 of his starts in which he combined to allow 2 earned runs in 20 innings. But in his other 3 starts he allowed 14 runs in 10 2/3 innings. One of those was against the Tigers in which he didn’t make it out of the first inning and he racked up 49 pitches.

Game Time 2:10

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  1. Any word on a start time? The Royals feed showed them taking off the tarp: that’s a good sign, I’d guess.

  2. I think it’s going to be Casey (of all people?!) who makes it to .250 first. He’s at .247 as of right now.

  3. Neifi’s got a double and a home run. Are you kidding me? Any chance he’ll hit for the cycle?

  4. 1270 is saying that Durbin “is very very impressive” but they are also saying that the KC batters aren’t even trying, so I don’t know what to think. What do you guys think? How’s he looking?

  5. Just walked in the door and can hardly believe my ears. 13-2? Unfrigging believable. The Tigers are rollin. But, what’s the news on Zoom?

  6. I was thinking earlier today that two sweeps in a row would be too much to hope for, but apparently not. We are sweeping these guys badly. Or goodly. Or handily or footily, whatever you want to call it.

    I told my son Neifi Perez has 4 RBI’s, and he said “Today? Or for his career?” 🙂

    I bet the Royals are praying that rain comes soon.

  7. You know it is a good day for the Tigers when Neifi Perez jacks a homer and has 4 RBI.

    Well, I asked for this sweep after the Tigers swept the Orioles last week and I got it. Sure is nice to know that KC will always be around to help out a struggling offense.

    Nothing like some extra BP to work out the kinks 😉

  8. Hey everyone great great game. Wish Magglio would have gotten into the act.

    Does anyone want to go to Wednesday’s game to see Nate Robertson induce a ton of grounders? Although their are no sure-fire wins this seems to be one; he is going against Baek a guy whos been lit up so far this year to a tune of a 7.53 ERA.

    I have five seats, in section 105 (Behind Maggs) Row M. It comes with free parking right outside the gate!!! & two food vouchers (1 hot dog/pizza and soda/voucher.)

    These tickets are $20 tickets and the parking is also $20, so the total value is $120 plus the vouchers.

    I’m looking to sell them for $100 and $10 for overnight delivery or can be picked up (Oakland County).

    Go Tigers!!!

  9. Hey, here’s what I want to know: Are we on pace with last year? Is there anywhere you can look at a game-for-game comparison with the 2007 team to the 2006 team? Like a graph? I’d be interested in that…in fact, I’ve been trying to find our record 30 games in from 2006 and…well, can’t.

  10. 2006: We were 0.5 games back of then 1st place Chicago, 20-10 through our first 30 games last year. We had played 30 games through May 5th last year and were 8-2 in our last 10, 8-6 at home, 12-4 on the road. 10-5 against the central, 10-5 against the west, yet to play the east. 15-10 vs. RHP and 5-0 vs LHP. We had yet to play an extra inning game and we were 5-2 in 1-run games.

    For 2007: Tied for 1st with Cleveland, 19-11, 8-2 in our last 10, 8-6 at home, 11-5 on the road. 8-4 vs. the East, 10-6 vs. the Central, 1-1 vs. the West. 13-9 vs. RHP and 6-2 vs. LHP’s. 2-5 in extra inning games and 9-5 in 1-run games.

  11. Thanks Mike. I also believe at this point last year there hadn’t been a blown save or a blown lead by the bullpen yet, and that the pitching had been very good.

    Need I even mention the four or five times we blew leads, blew saves, etc etc. this year? Not to mention the extra-inning games in which we’ve played seven (and lost five). So, is it a stretch to say that we could easily be three or four games better than we are? Or that this team is off to an equal or better start than last year?

  12. Last year I was happy to have a winning April, let alone being 20-10 through our first 30 games. It’s weird how with raised expectations, essentially the same exact numbers across the board record wise can produce such staggering pessimism (in both myself and other fans. . . I can think of 5-6 times i openly questioned moves from Leyland that I thought could have/did cost us games/didn’t put us in the best position to win games).

    I think we’re off to a better start. We’re the defending AL Champs and we’re not sneaking up on people. Yet, with a bottom 3rd of a lineup that hit basically under .180 the entire first month we were able to be towards the top in the AL in runs (3rd) and walks (7th) while our pitching staff (11th in the majors in Starters ERA — yes, even with Chad Durbin and Mike Maroth’s ERA’s over 5) and we’re 15th in the Majors in total ERA, but that’s skewed by Aquilino Lopez’ and Jose Mesa’s ERA”s being 7.04 and 18.00, respectively.

    All this with our biggest aquisition that was supposed to “put us over the top” not really doing anything the first month like he’s capable, I’d call it a success. Minus the bullpen being shakey the first half of April. The biggest surprise to me, is Bondo’s 33:5 K:BB ratio this year. I did not see that coming. I thought he’d take the next step but never did I think he’d feature that kind of control

  13. It’s really something how Leyland knows how to emotionally charge his team. That ejection has been followed by 7 straight wins and two sweeps. Last year he pulled the ol’ “We stunk” bit and the emotions got charged up then with the Tigers going 6-1 in their next 7. While stats are great to look at and fun to manipulate, they can’t figure in the emotional factor that ultimately drives a team. I wonder how bad this could have been had Leyland not gotten himself ejected. With the exception of his previous start Durbin has been showing signs of very, very good pitching. And if you look at the rest of the team, you can see they have a different attitude these last 7 games than the did the 7 previous ones. Consider too: Had Leyland not been ejected, the Tigers stats wouldn’t have been close to those numbers of last year. Emotions can drive or kill a person or team. It’s Coaching (and Teaching) 101: Emotionally charge your team/students and they’ll push to their full potential. With Durbin’s efforts last night I think we’re seeing just that. I’m just saying.

  14. Billfer — check out Hardball Times today on Enhanced Gameday. Seems they’re finding for other pitchers what you saw for Maroth. And I think they got your name wrong from your opening page box mention of your interview with Seth.

  15. Ed: I firmly believe that Jim Leyland made multiple decisions before his ejection 7 games ago, that did not put the Tigers in the best position to win the game and/or were reasons we lost games.

    That said, I understand everything you’re saying but the facts are this start is virtually the same as it was last year and it’s so weird how virtually the same start can have such a different feel from the year before.

    That said, just because Durbin’s showed signs of “very, very good pitching” doesn’t mean he’s a “very, very good pitcher.” I still would rather have had Ledezma get that spot with Durbin being the long-relief guy. Now, I rethink that since Zumaya’s gone down, though.

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