Tigers Minor League Wrap – 4/7/07

Toledo 14, Louisville 2
The Mud Hens found some offense today. Chris Shelton was a triple short of the cycle and added a walk. Brent Clevlen got the triple Shelton needed, and added 2 walks as well. Mike Hessman was 5 for 5 with a walk. Dennis Tankersley started and picked up the win allowing 1 earned run in 5 innings. Preston Larrison didn’t allow a run, but he walked 4 (and allowed 2 hits) in 2 1/3 innings.

Erie – PPD again. They’ve yet to play a game.

Lakeland 3, Tampa 1
Michael Hernandez homered, doubled, and drove in all 3 runs for Lakeland. Cameron Maybin was 0 for 3 with a walk and 2 K’s. Lucas French pitched 5 shut out innings allowing 4 hits and a walk against 4 striekouts. Elezar Aponte came on in relief and got the 4 inning save allowing 1 run and fanning 5.

West Michigan 7 , Dayton 8

Gorkys Hernandez doubled twice and singled in 4 at-bats. Santo De Leon also had 3 hits and Audy Ciriaco went 2 for 4. Ryan Strieby hit his second homer of the season. Lauren Gagnier was tagged for 6 runs in 3 1/3 innings with 6 hits, 3 walks and 5 K’s.

Minors news

Lee has added his previews for the Mud Hens and Seawolves.


  1. David

    April 8, 2007 at 12:43 am


    First of all Brandon hit really well in the second half of ST. Last year he hit around .240 before the break and hit around .290 after it along with nearly 30 homeruns. He almost always had a web gem a night and sometimes 2.

    Every player in the Majors and Minors has good and bad weeks, heck this isn’t even half a week.

    Everyone who is a novice baseball fan is so obsessed with batting average, and striking out. I’ve heard aton of times from other fans last year you’ve got to drop Inge; he strikes out too much etc. In reality OBP and pitches/ab (something he is very skilled at), small ball etc. is a much better indicator of consistent run production.

    If you want to look at batting average why not tell Tony LaRussa to dump Prince Albert (1 for 17), or dump Rolen (2 for 17) or Francona to drop Ortiz (3 for 19) or the Twins to drop Santana because he has a 6.00 ERA. Do you think that over the course of this year any player will have the same averages that they have so far? Or pitchers will have the same ERA for the season as they do after one start?

    If Inge is hitting under the Mendoza line for the month, then he might merit a day or so off.

    Also considering they’ve played in frigid temperatures for 3 of their games I’m surprised Placido, Pudge and some other Tigers are doing as well at the plate as they are.

    Oh and you talk about last year’s post-season? Are we talking about the same player? 1.134 OPS in the ALCS with a .333 BA (if you still love batting average) and a .353 BA in the world series (one of only 3 tigers to hit above .300).

    You are either a fair-weather fan, have a poor memory, only watch a few games a year or a combination of them. In any event recheck your facts before you point out fallacies and support novice fans.

    Oh and where do you plan to get Thames a few at-bats, at third? He got quite a few AB’s last year and I’m sure he’ll get some this year especially if one of our OF/Shef goes down.

    We have only played 4 games, 4 GAMES!

    Go Tigers
    Go Inge, may he win the Gold Glove this year over Chavez and Crede

    And don’t ever call me a fair weather fan, I bleed Orange and Blue

  2. colin

    April 8, 2007 at 12:05 pm

    haha, the EZ-Inge flamewar fallout is spreading to other threads